Joe Lange at Spitballers isn’t. Here’s why:

I’m not worried about the national debt at all and neither should anybody else.

Remember who we owe the debt to.

The Rothschilds control the entire global debt system through their ownership of all central banks.

The money they lend us has interest attached to it. That is the debt we owe.

They are the enemy.

We aren’t going to pay them back. We are going to bankrupt them.

That’s why they are desperate for a global financial reset that Trump has prevented.

Also, when Trump won he put Mnuchin in charge of the Treasury and then Trump rolled the Fed into the Treasury so now Treasury controls the Fed, not the other way around.

Mnuchin got to look at the books of the Fed and Trump knows how they’ve stolen from us from the beginning. They discovered their trillion dollar slush fund to bribe and do black ops around the globe.

We will owe nothing in the end.

Trump, a master of bankruptcy laws will bankrupt the Fed in order to bring down the whole system since we are the controlling central bank with the dollar being the world’s reserve currency.

Trump being elected was their worst nightmare.