The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict was about to serve as a major Blow to the Anti 2nd Amendment Gun Control Lobbies… A perfect clear cut example of someone who would’ve been killed by an angry mob if he hadn’t had a gun to protect himself.. 

He was on track to become a pop culture icon, that would serve as a constant blow to the “Gun Control” Psy-op Narrative…

But here we are… not 2 months later and you cant even mention him without people yelling at you or slandering him in the comments…

The Deep State neutralized this threat quick. This is what they do. This is the literal reason they have embedded Assets. To Neutralize Big Problems as they arise. 

Neutralizing the Rittenhouse situation was a Win, but the Deep State has a few MORE Major Problems that might not go as smoothly:

1. GENERAL FLYNN. This is one of the only people Spreading an actual Plan that we can all get involved in: Taking back this Country by running for Local Office, whether it be City Council, School Boards, State Government and beyond…  

Taking the Country back from the Ground Up. 

This is an actual plan that is attainable and can do A LOT of Damage if it spreads and catches on. 

2. SIDNEY POWELL Continues to Push Back with lawsuits and large caches of information about Election Fraud and Going Against Vaccine Mandates. Her filings in Georgia and Michigan alone are treasure troves of Organized Election Fraud Proofs.  

Also, many see her as an inspiration and are Motivated to continue to fight with her. 

3. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE is a confirmed Truther with a vote in congress. I don’t think some realize just how potentially bad this is to them.. 

We know the groups she’s frequented, meaning that we know she knows the truth about many things, such as 9/11, The CFR, who really runs the world, how they do it, and on and on… Sure there aren’t too many like her there at the moment so there isn’t much outside of the box that she can do but over time, especially as programs such as the one being pushed by General Flynn progress, this may no longer be the case. The more of us who gain local office and even congressional office along with her, the more of a potentially MAJOR problem this poses for their infiltration scheme. 


The more people that vote, the more assets they have to burn, the more ridiculous the rigging has to be, and the more obvious it becomes. In 2020 they lost many lower seats because they had to put all of their power towards Biden… in 2021 they lost many other Seats while trying to keep up with a few big ones like NJ Gov Murphy… Which they nearly lost anyway along with the many lower positions they DID lose, one of which being the NJ State Senate President… To a Truck Driver..  They cant go on like this. Every year our numbers grow and rigging our elections becomes more of an impossible task. More and More of a resource drain… Its becoming unsustainable and they know it. Each time they are overwhelmed more clear cut examples of voter fraud are added to the pile making it harder for them to cover up… 

Their only hope is to desperately try to demoralize you into not voting. Self Castration.

How will they attempt to neutralize these problems? Who knows. But don’t think for one second they aren’t working overtime trying to figure out ways…   Head on a Swivel Patriots. We Can Win This Thing.

— Where We Go 1 We Go All, Telegram