The [DeepState] is continuing to lose. Their entire pandemic push with the vaccine mandates is now falling apart. The Supreme Court has ruled that the vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, but this doesn’t mean that the [DeepState] will stop. They are now in the process of covering up what they did.

Trump is allowing the [DeepState] to be completely exposed to the world and the people are seeing it all. The walls are closing in on Fauci, it’s only a matter of time. The [DeepState] has all assets deployed, they are preparing something. Be ready, [FalseFflag] in the works, change of news cycle coming.

Bideninflation is now hitting hard, the people are seeing this and the currency is devaluing very quickly. This is going to get worse this year. China is shutting down ports, which means the supply chain is going to be an issue, plus the Biden admin want to assist in the food supply issue, this will make it worse. Sometimes you must see it to believe it.