The Friday Morning Rant: Repelling Liberal Colonizers From Blue States

—Buck Throckmorton

There have been some good conversations here recently about the mass exodus of blue state residents to red states, and what that portends. TheJamesMadison posted an optimistic piece here earlier this week, noting that based on new voter registrations, the influx into Florida seems to be heavily comprised of conservative refugees from blue states. That’s good.

However, I saw my old hometown of Austin morph from a quirky, laid-back music town to an intolerant woke-ville when the Californians invaded. There is not a town in the bible-belt that is more religious than Austin. The only trouble is, Austin’s religion is The Sustainable Organic Church of The Carbon Apocalypse. Texas Governor Abbot’s aggressive recruitment of California tech companies may ultimately turn Texas blue.

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) has noted that those who leave a blue state of their own accord tend to be conservative voters. Those who are relocated by their employer tend to bring their liberal voting habits with them. That explains why Texas is bringing in liberal voters while Florida is bringing in conservative voters.

So how do you repel liberal blue state colonizers who will do to red states what they already did to states such as Colorado and Oregon? 

Inez Stepman recently posed that question.Inez Stepman - 1.JPGInez Stepman - 2.JPG

I jokingly suggested that organic food should be banned. No organic food? Then no liberal invaders. 

I’m only half-joking that the cost of organic food is like a poll tax, in that it serves to keep minorities out of grocery stores favored by affluent whites. But since organic food is not going to be banned, how about going to the other extreme – place a stiff “luxury tax” on organic food. Maybe fewer New Yorkers would move to Nashville if they found themselves having to pay an extra $10 per package of organic arugula. Also, for all the criticism of sales taxes being regressive, my proposed organic foods tax would be nice and progressive. 

In all seriousness, what are some other ideas to deter liberal blue staters from moving to red states? Mandatory carry? Blue laws / Sabbath Days? Electric Vehicle tax? Mask prohibitions? America-first curricula in schools?

We’ve got to protect our red-states from the invasion. What are some of your ideas? 

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