Spit Ball

Patrick Gunnels talked about Trump choosing Biden but didn’t go into the why in his livestream tonight.

I want to try and prove that Trump did exactly that.

Go way back to the democrat primaries. Think about all the candidates running in the democrat primary.

Now put yourself in Trump’s shoes.

Of all the candidates. Who would Trump most want to run against?

Not just who he would beat the easiest, remember, this isn’t just another four year election.

Who would Trump want to be the face of the democrat party knowing the plans you have in store?

Isn’t Biden the perfect candidate for Trump?

Wouldn’t he be the worst possible face of the democrat party?

Completely corrupt so exposes political corruption.

Tied to the Obama administration so also tied to the Russiagate frame job.

Controlled by China our enemy who launched the virus.

Suffering from dementia so isn’t up to the job.

We’re witnessing the results now. Biden is completely destroying the democrat party. He is the millstone around their necks.

So how did Trump choose him?

Trump knows the media. He also knows the enemy.

He knows how to manipulate them cause he knows how the media and Trump hating democrats will react to whatever he does.

The democrat primaries opened up and in the first three states Biden got clobbered. He wasn’t even in third place. Nobody wanted him.

Then what did Trump do?

He attacked Biden personally while at the same time he began ignoring all the other democrat candidates.

Biden attacked back!


Trump kept up the attacks in the media and turned it into a personal fight between him and Biden.

What happened?

Biden was elevated by Trump in the media and with Trump haters.

The Trump hating democrat voters began coalescing around Biden.

The media began defending Biden and suddenly he started winning some primaries. The oxygen was sucked out of the room for all the other democrats. Biden was suddenly the front runner and the other candidates had to start pushing more and more crazy left wing policies just to try and garner attention.

All of this was happening but there was another big thing Trump did to help choose Biden as his opponent.

He had his aides leak stories to the media that they were angry at Trump cause he wasn’t taking their advice and ignoring Biden because he was the only candidate that could beat Trump.

The media fell for the lie.

They started pushing the narrative that Trump was afraid of Biden cause he was the only one that could beat him so he was attacking him during the democrat primaries in order to try and damage him.

It was a beautiful setup.

The Trump haters and media united and Biden won the nomination giving us the perfect candidate to completely destroy the democrat party.


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