Spit Ball

In light of the news yesterday of both Manchin and Sinema coming out very publicly against getting rid of or weakening the filibuster in any way, I want to help people to see the stitches on the baseball as it’s coming at them.

Those two democrat Senators effectively killing the democrats plan to get rid of the filibuster is a huge win! We need to celebrate that huge win.

But there is something much bigger happening here friends.

I’ve wrote a lot about Trump controlling the Senate through leverage and that McConnell took a deal and is doing Trump’s bidding.

It’s as if Schumer isn’t even there.

Trump used the carrot and the stick. With McConnell he offered the carrot and McConnell gladly took it.

I believe with the loudmouth RINO’s like Romney he threatened the stick. Keep your mouth shut or it’s going to be even worse for you.

But this spit ball is about the two democrats.

I believe Trump offered Manchin the carrot and said choose who you want to represent, your conservative state voters or your party?

Easy decision for Manchin, he leans Trump’s way anyway.

But I believe Sinema was shown the stick then offered the carrot.

She became a Senator because of cheating.

Coincidence Q pointed out Maricopa county back in 2018 and spoke about actual fraud numbers?

No coincidences.

Remember her as the lone democrat giving Trump several standing ovations at his State of the Union?

She chose to play ball.

Getting these two democrat Senators on board was for several reasons. Stopping the left wing garbage is certainly one of them.

But here’s a bigger reason I believe.

There were many saying Manchin should just switch parties and give the Republicans the majority. There were even stories circulated that McConnell was meeting with Manchin to get him to switch parties.

Solves the problem, right?


Trump’s plan isn’t for the Republicans to control the Senate. He already controls the Senate.

Trump’s plan is to completely destroy the democrat party.

You do that by exposing them. Having them in complete control of government so they get all the blame.

It’s completely disarmed the media.

The media would love to run stories about the political fighting over things to keep us divided. Instead the democrats are taking all the blame and their poll numbers reflect that.

We are in a war. It’s a media war for the daily narrative but we often forget where the battlefield is.

It’s not to win us over. We are already red pilled and will never go over to the democrat side.

The battlefield is for the hearts and minds of the normies.

Almost everything being said and done right now is to win the normies.

Having two democrat Senators talking common sense and joining with all the Republicans creates a narrative of bipartisanship.

It doesn’t matter how we feel about that word, it still polls highly with Normies.

We look like the ones with common sense sticking up for the country and constitution while the entire democrat party looks like power hungry radicals and are turning normies off in droves.

It’s going to continue to happen and there isn’t a thing they can do to stop it.


(Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming)