False flag?

UKRAINE SO FAR: Tensions escalate between Russia, NATO & allies over Ukraine

Latest details regarding strained relations in Eastern Europe include:

⚡️Ukrainian president claims Russia could invade to protect its citizens in the war-torn Donbass

⚡️White House press sec. warns an “extremely dangerous situation” is building on the Russian-Ukrainian border

⚡️US sec of state expresses Washington’s “unshakeable commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty,” during phone call with Russia’s foreign minister

⚡️NATO sec. general calls on “Russia to reverse its decision to cut diplomatic ties” with the alliance

⚡️Canada deploys small contingent of special forces to Ukraine, including anti-tank weapons

⚡️UK sends C-17 transport aircraft to the country, reports indicate advanced NLAW missile systems on board

⚡️Russia’s ambassador to Belarus accuses NATO of “building up forces and resources” at Russian border

⚡️Russia and US’ top diplomats set for crisis talks in Geneva Friday



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