Human Events received a big datadump from a White House staffer on Biden admin’s internals on Ukraine situation last night. Will break down in full today. (Jan 19, 2022)

Wake up and pray.

Tony Blinken desperate to gain some crumb of credibility back in the eyes of his beloved ‘international community.’ He is willing to push brinkmanship with Putin in search of it. Fall of Kabul was only 5 months ago.

Many in the Biden Admin like Tony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Jon Finer, and Victoria Nuland see Ukraine as unfinished business from their time in the Obama Admin

The plan was for Ukraine to join NATO/EU under Hillary

Now they are picking up where they left off

Weird how Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while he controlled the White House from 2016-2020! Will Rachel Maddow explain this to us??

apan, India, and Emirates airlines  cancelling flights to the US over 5G activation near airports. Mayor Pete AWOL

Biden says Verizon and AT&T will now indefinitely delay rollout – what did he offer them? Will anyone ask Joe about this at his presser today??

You guys need to realize that Biden still thinks the Cold War is going on

Tucker: How do Americans benefit out of pushing Ukraine into NATO?

Biden just essentially said publicly that if all Russia does is a limited incursion he won’t forcefully respond 

Major diplomatic breech

He just gave up the game and undercut Blinken in Kiev

Hunter frantically calling his handlers after his dad’s ‘incursion’ blunder

Ukrainian oligarchs do not like to be crossed

Reporter: Did you just green-light an incursion of Russia into Ukraine?

Biden: *white noise*

The ‘minor incursion’ line is what was said in the last Ukraine meeting Biden was in and he forgot he wasn’t supposed to say it publicly

WH staffer: “State Dept official lines and back-channels with Ukraine completely flooded, what a f**ing mess.”

Taiwan might as well start mining the strait right now

They want us to get into a shooting war with Putin while Joe Biden is Commander-in-Chief

Jan 6 was just a minor incursion

You could actually see Biden sundown live on TV 


The biggest beneficiary of that presser was Hillary Clinton

Biden does not seem to even understand his own government’s position on Ukraine 

Should probably have checked with his son

If Trump had said he would let Putin take a small part of Ukraine I think Rachel Maddow would have actually tried to climb through the TV screen to get him

I hereby call upon President Biden to hold a press conference every single day

Still can’t get over it 

Biden said Putin could take part of Ukraine and that elections aren’t legitimate 

Everything the regime spent all those years working for…poof

This is what happens when you have a White House run by Harry Potterheads

Obama warned us Biden was a f**k up

They said Biden would be the stable choice

Notice the Left is talking about Biden’s press conference but not showing clips of it

Van Jones: Biden is foggy and meandering, like Reagan at the end

Joe Biden has always been a #2

First to Barack Obama

Now to Xi Jinping

Hillary Clinton is now the Democrat frontrunner for 2024

BREAKING: Human Events has Obtained Exclusive Leaks from Inside the Biden White House on their Ukraine Agenda 

The Long Wag to War in Europe


Was told the US 5G is twice as powerful as EU and DOT didn’t read the studies until just a few weeks ago even though FCC had released publicly