Listen to the way Trump says “Green Light

Precipice = Military Action.

TheStormHasArrived 17:

“It really is quite sad how the media portrays a man who had everything and sacrificed it all, for love of country. 

“Nothing makes me more mad than when someone says, “I like what Trump did, but I don’t like his personality.” They just don’t understand all the good that he has done. Helping the poor, donating his money, giving a homeless woman a place to live in one of his hotels, paying off a struggling family’s mortgage, writing checks at the drop of a dime for causes he believes in, donating his salary, etc etc. 

“A simple google search of the word “Trump” produced the results above. It’s sad that some don’t get to experience the greatest POTUS in history in real time, but one day, he will get the credit he deserves. 

Until then, we will keep fighting 🇺🇸”

Mark Meadows: “It is Donald Trump’s party. It will continue to be that. If he wants to be the nominee, he will be the nominee.” 

He went on to say that he expects DJT to run and Make America Great Again, again. 

Just remember, no matter what the fake news tells you – Donald Trump will be our President again. It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN…