Seth Keshel:

For those who asked for a typed up version of the time graph above:

3/5/1770: Boston Massacre

Next two years: growing mandates, control, tyranny, marginalization, labels, resentment

6/9/1772: HMS Gaspee torched in Rhode Island

5/10/1773: Tea Act signed

12/16/1773: Boston Tea Party

3-6/1774: Intolerable Acts passed by Parliament to further control colonies

9/1774: Colonists impose sanctions against Britain

2/9/1775: British blockade Massachusetts colony

4/19/1775: First shots of American Revolution

6/17/1775: Bunker Hill (Loss)

7/4/1776: Dec. of Independence signed

8/27/1776: Washington defeated at Long Island, nearly destroyed

10/1776: British achieve major military victories in NY

12/25/1776: Washington crosses Delaware and defeats British and Hessians

1777: British win 2/3 of all battles

Winter 1777-78: Washington camped at Valley Forge

1778: British win 4/5 of all battles

1779: British win only 50% of all battles

1780: British wearing down, back and forth battle results.  Patriots lose SC but defend NC from invasion.

1781: Patriots winning key battles.

10/19/1781: General Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown.

1782: British wearing down from financial crisis, lack of support for overseas war (sound familiar?), domestic and continental issues.

12/27/1782: Last battle fought on US soil in Revolution.

9/3/1783: Treaty of Paris, US independence Recognized.

On the other timeline, beginning 11/3/2020:

11/4/2020 – present – FIX 2020 MOVEMENT

1/20/2021- present – growing mandates, control, tyranny, marginalization, labels, resentment

Fourth Turning.


My history posts above were not meant to predict anything.  They were meant to show you that the movement for liberty has no end, and also has no established timeline.  In fact, we were the ones who went complacent when the left planned for four years to engineer 2020.

It was meant also to illustrate that the early freedom fighters had many setbacks.  The army nearly quit in full over pay.  They froze to death and dealt with plagues, and Washington was routed on the battlefield time and time again UNTIL they finally started winning, and they wore out the British and her allies.

The nature of tyrants has not changed.  Mandates, control, villification of enemies.  This is a matter of persistence.

My dad had many wondrous, noble quotes.  He also had the soldier quotes.  One, referring to the tortoise and the hare was, “if the rabbit hadn’t stopped to s***, he would have won the race!”  Be the tortoise.