Brian Cates: “By the way, how many of you figured out by now that the raid on Project Veritas had nothing to do with the Ashley Biden diary? It had everything to do with the two major stories  dropped subsequent to the raid. The two pedophiles being found out at CNN, and the DARPA papers that show Anthony Fauci was involved in trying to set up a military gain -of -function project that DARPA rejected?”


Jytte: “I’m a novice in relation to Covfefe, Art of War – and latest MILDEC (military deception.) But I’m trying not to take Trump’s statements literally, and maybe even understand what’s behind such a statement.

Like when he mentions “The Spanish Flu” and says 1917. The correct year is 1918 – which he must  know. When I first heard it, I checked to see if I remembered correctly – which I did. So maybe this is a hint, to make us look at what “The Spanish Flu” was really about? 

That it was not Spanish. It was not a flu. It was a Rockefeller “vaccine” that killed all those people.

Based on the same thinking, I try to understand Trump’s statement that China must pay trillions in reparations. 

I know (via Indoctornation 1½ years ago, and most recently via Verita’s revelations) that Fauci, Barrick, Gallo, Redfield, Lipkin, Varmus and others have been involved in gain-of-function research and have taken 100s of corona patents since 03 And we also know that when they shipped off the research from North Carolina Chapel Hill to Wuhan to be continued, it was with funding that was mediated through intermediaries – namely the Eco Health Alliance. In which Gates is a major stockholder.

So based on the same thinking, I conclude that when Trump says “China must pay trillions in reparations”, he maybe wants us to research gain-of-function and find these corrupt DS players.

I don’t take the statement literally.”

Joe Lange: You are exactly right. He (Trump) often highlights things and exaggerates statements to draw attention to something important.

Covfefe was a term Trump purposely made the mistake of tweeting instead of coffee and while the media made fun of him the truth is he did it on purpose.

He was drawing attention to the bill making it’s way through the House to archive all the presidents tweets.

The Spanish Flu like you said didn’t start in Spain and it didn’t start in 1918. That’s when the breakout happened but it was a vaccine paid for by the Rockefeller’s that started at a military base in Kansas but wasn’t called the Spanish Flu until our troops were sent over sea during WW1 and it spread throughout the world killing millions.


“…sure seems like Feds are being controlled.” – Lady C

Joe Lange: “I’ve been saying that since Trump rolled the Fed into the Treasury. I think this market crash has been timed to hit when everything else hits Biden, democrats and the enemy”


From Praying Medic: “Think about it logically.

When Trump was in the White House, what his record on foreign policy ?

Peace with North Korea?

Peace with Russia?

Peace in the Middle East?

Respected by China?

Biden is facing a foreign policy crisis in Ukraine.

What is his foreign policy record to date?

What are the odds that Biden will come away with a foreign policy victory in Ukraine?

If you were Putin, who would you rather see in the White House?

A nationalist who despises the New World Order?

Or a NWO puppet who supports the agenda of continued war and human suffering?

Would Putin make an intentional move designed to make Biden look weak and draw support away from him in the US?

Do you think Putin and Trump could communicate secretly if necessary?

What has Trump said recently about Biden’s handling of Russia and Ukraine?

Who benefits most from another Biden foreign policy disaster?

The more you know.”

Quinn Dixsept: “If you think about it we have been under the control of the nwo for decades perhaps centuries, and it’s only now, because of Trump, one leader who was not in their club, that we finally have a chance to break free of it.”


Recently, there was a challenge presented to ‘ask anyone you know that’s in NG if they’ve recently been given orders that they’re soon to be deployed domestically’.

 I don’t know anyone in NG, but I do work with a veteran that I’m really good friends with.

 I respectfully started open inquiries with him – respectfully because I understand that there are classified details that military personnel are NEVER cleared to discuss.

 As I shared more and more info I’m exposed to and what I’ve come to be convinced to be true (about military involvement being INDEED active domestically), he has demonstrated a nice level of respect toward my sources and my discernment.

 Then, one day he made a profound statement that gave me all the clarity and confirmation I (any of us) can ‘legally’ have …

 “… the citizens of America will not ever know the level of military activity ongoing domestically”.

 I listened with ears that HEARD, and ….

 That’s literally all I needed to hear 😉😉