No, Kamala Harris is not being nominated to the Supreme Court 

Not even being talked about in WH

Jack Posobiec

Trump and Mitch McConnell got more Circuit Judges approved than in any other time, except for the full 8 years of Obama.

Trump and Mitch McConnell got 53 vacancies filled vs 56 under the 8 yrs of Obama. Plus Trump’s judges are mostly young judges.

At the end of Trump, there was not a Circuit Court vacancy anywhere in the nation for the first time in at least 40 years. The Democrats are struggling with this legacy! This says that the Dems know they will lose the Senate in November so they need to get Breyer’s replacement thru before that time.

I also see the AOC wing of the Dem party pushing “diversity” for Breyer’s replacement, especially with their losses in Congress (voting rights, BBB, Green new deal). They will cry that they are OWED.

The tug-of-war within the Democrat party on Breyer’s replacement will be fun to watch! Most in the White House and Administration HATE her, they would not want to promote her to the Supremes.

Polls show that Biden is getting killed on competence and partisanship. The covid virus, inflation, health care, and immigration are the top four issues.

Also add to this the Covid 19 programs are being looked at as boondoggles:

Five states have been raided by the FBI for C-19 fraud: MA, CA, MN, OR & IL.

Articles report that the money flow is so gross, used to buy million dollar homes, a Ferrari that cost $3.7 million, etc…

Fake test results being manufactured, test pop-ups that never gave results, charged insurance for fake results. These news reports will reflect on Biden too and will only become more frequent as the dust settles. It’s too much money!

And now Biden is spending $53B for at-home testing kits to get tests into the hands of consumers using insurance mandates and the U.S Postal service. What could go wrong there?

The #1 sin in the Bible is “The love of money”–it sure is playing out that way.

Joe will probably pick the smartest guy he knows…😂😂😂