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⚡️Americans begin receiving at-home COVID tests — but make shocking discovery on back of packages: ‘Made in China’

You literally cannot make this up.

As Americans began receiving free at-home COVID-19 tests kits distributed by the Biden administration this week, many Americans began noticing something odd about the tests: They are made in China.


MADE IN CHINA – Check the box your mask came in…

Friday, July 23, 2021

At Home Depot in Maine. Check-out area featured display of antibacterial handsoap and masks.

 Examined the box of masks to see who manufactured them and where.  China.  Of course. They sicken us with their virus, and then sell us masks and wipes. How stupid are we?

How do we know those masks aren’t tainted with graphene oxide? You know, the stuff you breathe into your lungs that can and will cause cancer. Mess with your mRNA and your genetic structure. Cause metal objects to stick to you like a magnet. Cause your blood to clot and kill you. 

The CCP is watching the gullible and naive among us and laughing themselves silly at our ignorance and mindless stupidity.  And how easily some of us are “following the government rules.” 

PS: Threw away bags of frozen scallops and frozen tilapia fish, both raised on disgustingly filthy Chinese fish farms. Will NEVER knowlingly eat or buy anything from China again. EVER. Will you?


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I’m being vigilant about this to the point I’m messaging companies and asking b4 I purchase. Some try to fool us. Like, “country of origin: Imported”. That gets a follow up. Or “distributed from Ohio.” But where is it made? I don’t even want their flower pots and have stood in the aisle and gone through dozens b4 I found one not MIC.

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