What makes you still confident at this point, that Trump will be reinstated instead of Biden?

A good question.

I pay close attention to everything Trump says. When you’re analyzing his statements, it’s important to keep in mind the fact that he seldom reveals his real strategies to the public. He says publicly what his base and enemies need to hear. He confides privately with his inner circle about the real strategies he intends to deploy. 

We will never hear from Trump publicly a discussion about him returning to the White House before 2024 because the public: 

a) Would not be able to receive that information and,

b) They do not need to know if such a plan exists. 

If one hopes to learn whether Trump has a plan to return before 2024 they must rely on circumstantial evidence available in the public domain. Such evidence must be pieced together and one must infer meaning from it—meaning that may not be obvious at first glance. That is what Patel Patriot has done in his devolution series.