Sometimes a reader will leave a comment that is so simple yet profound, it deserves a wider audience. For example, this from Meritreader:

The EPSTEIN CONNECTIONS will require a separate notebook to keep up with them. How in the world did all of these people make their very first decision to become involved with a group of PEDOPHILES????? So sick, twisted and disgusting, I just do not understand where the First “YES, I’M IN” decision happened with no many! These people look down on normal Americans as beneath them, unworthy of their respect, and are completely unwilling to do their jobs as sworn servants to us as individuals in a great Nation. The level of greed and desire for total control of all others is pure Evil and falls under Satan’ s Rule. The levels of many abuses show that nothing is out of bounds for them to force us into compliance. They are pulling out all the stops. We Must Do the Same Now. Day of Prayer here for our Nation’s survival and God’s Blessings.