I don’t have to add a word to this. Pepe says it all, and does so to perfection. 🇺🇸

As far as I’m concerned: 

Too many anons are allowing their emotions to be affected by sensational headlines. 

“Oh no world War 3 with Russia is going to happen”  (it won’t)

“Pence said this so I’m mad” (how do you know it’s not acting?)

“Trump said the word 2024 so we’re in trouble” (we aren’t)  

Anons have the ability to see beyond the surface and peer into what is happening behind the scenes. That’s what made us special. That’s what made Q so riveting. Have we forgotten that?

I’m much more interested in what Trump is doing behind the scenes, how Durham is making moves in the shadows, how devolution is in play than in the theatrics that cause mental instability. 

Stay calm frens. 

We are the calm in the storms.

Pepe Lives Matter