Live Feeds From Ottawa: Is Canada RIGHT NOW in Active Peaceful Revolution Against Trudeau/NWO/Covid Tyranny?

Some Insist It’s “Hopium,” Some Even Say Planned by Elon Musk To Launch Driverless Trucks. Remember When We Didn’t All Have So Many Theories?

Celia Farber is doing a service by collating and reporting on the Ottawa patriots:

Critical mass  a.k.a.  THE PRECIPICE. 

So Trudeau just tested positive for Covid even though he’s triple vaxxed yet he stands by the mandating said vaccine because it’ll stop truckers from getting covid that he just got while vaccinated. 

Their narrative has collapsed. (Pepe Lives Matter)

☝️☝️☝️ You get to watch this farce play out. And cheer and honk for the good guys while the bad guys descend into utter and complete collapse and lunacy. Enjoy it. We’ve turned the corner. (Brian Cates)

JUST IN: Canadian Prime Minister Explains Why He Will Not Meet With The Truckers… #TruckersForFreedom2022😂🤣

Huge @thevivafrei scoop – Ottawa has blocked off the downtown area but there are tons of more trucks outside trying to get in

Every man dies. Not every man really honks. (Jack Posobiec)

We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a honk.

Truckers are an inflection point. Pay attention to which ‘conservatives’ are not actively supporting them right now. Politicians and pundits alike. Revealing.

It is not enough to be pro-honk. One must be actively supporting the honk.

There is an actual labor uprising going on in Ottawa and the establishment left is trashing them

Pay attention to this

Live in Ottawa – Freedom Convoy 2022

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BREAKING: @vivafrei is Live in Ottawa – Truckistan Rises!!


Politicians are now trying to seize the Convoy of Freedom’s GoFundMe donations 

Does anyone remember any politician anywhere ever trying to stop BLM fundraising? 

Pay attention

They said the Freedom Convoy was over

This is Ottawa right now. And the honking continues.

Workers who were suspended are now speaking to the crowd

Trudeau marched with BLM who toppled and desecrated monuments openly with openly extremist rhetoric. Guess that didn’t both him. But honking does.


Funny how I don’t remember Trudeau giving a national address when churches were being burned down across Canada last summer

When churches were burned down across Canada last summer, Trudeau said he didn’t approve of arson but “I fully understand the anger” of the arsonists

NEW – Australian drivers have taken inspiration from a “Freedom Convoy” in Canada to drive to Canberra, the nations’ capital, and protest against vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions.

NOW – MSNBC host says Canada’s trucker convoy is a “cult.”

JUST IN – #Ottawa City Councillor launches court proceedings against Canada’s trucker convoy, targeting the nearly $10,000,000 in funds frozen by GoFundMe to “cover the City expenses.”

UPDATE – This tweet has now been deleted: