White House is terrified Biden, 79, will get COVID because it will show vaccines aren’t fully effective and will be used against him after he promised to ‘shut down the virus

  • The White House is taking extraordinary efforts to keep President Joe Biden from contracting COVID-19 
  • At Monday’s event with the nation’s governors, only Biden was given water lest anyone else remove their mask to take a drink 
  • The president was seated more than 10 feet away from everyone, including the Vice President and members of his Cabinet 
  • A White House staffer who was wearing a surgical mask when Biden entered the room was quickly handed an N95 version 
  • The strict precautions could threaten to undercut the administration’s message that vaccinated and boosted Americans can get on with their lives 
  • If Biden caught COVID there are also concerns that unvaccinated Americans would view the vaccines as ineffective  

Source: dailymail.co.uk