From The Library – Harold Wren:

Fuck You, Joe.

No, we are NOT going to:

1. Criminalize owning firearms/tools that civilians can use to defend themselves against official or unofficial thugs that people like you might send to their home, or to defend against people like the #BLM & #Antifa terrorists you support/protect. See: legal self-defense cases like the Rittenhouse case.


2. Put in place a system the government controls & will abuse to create a National Gun Registry covertly & illegally to be used later in confiscation efforts, which is the REAL goal/purpose of ‘universal background checks’ because UBC’s cant happen without a national registry.


 3. Allow anti-gun extremists to sue firearms companies who make a legal product into ruin & out of business to allow you to take away Americans’ ability to purchase those tools for the purpose of protecting themselves.

4. Or ban STANDARD capacity magazines.

Get Fucked, Joe. 

You don’t have the votes now, & you wont have the congress after midterms, either.

Give my regards to David Chipman as well; i heard he’s not taking the rejection very well. 👇

President Biden

I will keep doing everything I can to make our communities safer, but Congress needs to do its part: – Pass universal background checks – Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – Close loopholes and repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers