There’s more to this Syrian raid story that we are being told. 

Civilian deaths with Suicide vest as a cover for a botched Operation? 

The bloody room doesn’t look like a bomb could’ve donated inside. 

US Helicopter destroyed— Why? What was on it? Black box info? 

MORE: footage of the remains of the downed US Special Operations helicopter lost in the night time raid in Syria last night.  👇

WHITE HELMETS press release inconsistent with Biden narrative.

Psaki even MORE defensive (and offensive) than usual.

Stay vigilant.

Dirty Wars link:

It’s crystal clear that the #illegitimate Biden administration has allowed #isis to rebuild, & now launched a bloody, botched kill/capture operation aimed at it’s head.

This administration is absolutely incapable of dealing with natsec matters. And that’s not even taking into account how THOROUGHLY COMPROMISED by Russia & China this Administration is.

I guess having a ‘woke’ CIA & JSOC/USSOCOM leadership was more important than competence & effectiveness. — Harold Wren, The Library