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TRUCKER MAP BREAK (by Jack posobiec)

I have made a rough map of the current flashpoints of the Trucker Uprising in Canada. The same people who think they’re defeating fascism had a mental breakdown over some working class people honking their horns.

⚡️BREAKING LEAKED video of Ontario Premier Doug Ford saying that the mandates will be dropped upcoming shortly.

BEWARE however, we need to make sure he doesn’t pull a Kenney. ALL MANDATES NEED TO BE DROPPED NOW.


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🎯 Pfizer must pay and we must stop the genocide and all the covid vaccines which are poison.

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This man got a advice and info for all truckers.

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Breaking news, spread this on all platforms: The truckers are putting out there that they ARE expecting to get arrested shortly.

They will be signing the detainment form which allows them to go free but makes them disperse.

For every ONE trucker banished, they will be replaced with THREE truckers.

This is what we will do, with your help.

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We have told you that police wants to steal the truckers children and some of you, a small percent indeed (the ones that always ask for proof in ALL situations), didn’t believe us. Well here is the proof, now share it! Much love to all, and we will go till the end this whole police needs to be taken off the streets and into courts.
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