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Anybody who knew that Joffe’s former company, Neustar, had dedicated servers for the Executive Office of the President due to a “sensitive arrangemet” to provide “DNS resolution services” to the President of the United States would have realized when Sussmann’s indictment was unsealed last Sept. that Durham was hinting that an illegal data mining operation was going on INSIDE THE OVAL OFFICE ITSELF.

What Durham was hinting at in the Sussmann indictment 5 months ago, he has now stated explicitly in this new filing.  Contractors with top shelf security clearances to the Oval Office used that access for partisan political purposes to feed information to political operatives in the employ of the Hillary Clinton campaign at Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS.

BREAKING: CEO Moderna deleted his twitter account. And dumping his stocks.


OH OH OH  HOLD ON WAIT…WHAT DID DURHAM’S FILING SAY?  “a particular health care provider”….MODERNA??!!

pretty sure a company that very prominently spent the past two years developing, then selling a COVID vaccine is a healthcare provider.

Sorry bro. The internet is forever.

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OK it’s plausible the ‘particular healthcare provider’ being spied on was Dr. Ronny Jackson, who was President Trump’s personal physician.

Cognitive Carbon Public:

I’m in the process of writing a substack about Truth Social and authentication, but I wanted to jump in and add some information about what Brian Cates is writing about.  Why is DNS “sensitive”?

DNS is the system that converts domain names ( to IP addresses ( a string of numbers) that your computer or phone use to connect with the remote servers.  There are two things about DNS that are vulnerabilities. (1) If you own the DNS servers, you can ‘hijack’ the mappings and make it so that requests to go to some other bogus IP address that you own so that you can pretend to be google and steal information. (2) If you own the DNS servers, you can also keep track of the REQUESTS for resolution, so you can maintain a history of what websites were being visited, on account of the DNS records being asked for. For these two reasons, certain entities may want to own and operate their own DNS services, to avoid pollution/hacking and to strengthen privacy.

The Epoch Times

Secretary of State #AntonyBlinken makes his first visit to #Australia to meet with the other #QuadAlliance member nations. He says they share mutual concerns over China’s increasing threat.

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From Garrett Ziegler (Telegram) today:

And, of course, he just happens to have a HAM radio license. Funny how they all have the SAME arcane hobbies.

(the address listed is for one of his shell companies in AZ)

Good work by Garrett Ziegler there.

They’d have been spying on Dr. Ronny Jackson looking for any info they could use to leak a case to 25th amendment Trump

It could be something else led to this Moderna CEO suddenly ducking and covering, and the ‘particular healthcare provider’ being spied on was Trump’s WH doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson.

Interesting that the news breaks that this Moderna guy is dumping his stock and closing his social media accounts the day after the vaccine makers suddenly withdrew their request to the FDA for approval to vaccinate children under 5 years of age.

Well I’ve given up on writing a column this afternoon. I literally can’t sit still. My mind is going 1,000 mph.  Trying to process it all.

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