“A question I haven’t seen anyone else ask.. How are the cybersecurity countermeasures at the WH so weak that a company could penetrate them? If they were tight, did they have to have help from a Government agency? I just find this new development highly troubling.” -Miz Donna Thoughts, Telegram

Brian Cates: ☝️☝️☝️ it was the company in charge of the cybersecurity for the executive office of the president that was engaging in the espionage on behalf of the Clinton campaign. Rodney Joffe was the vice president of Neustar, The company that with contracted to handle cybersecurity issues for the president and the White House.

I can’t wait to research this Robert Durham fellow!

‘Attorney General Merrick Garland said Wednesday that he wants “as much as possible” of special counsel Robert Durham’s eventual report to be released publicly.’