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Truth Social, Authentication, and Identity

The biggest opportunity for Truth Social – Trump’s new platform – is one least well understood: authentication and reputation. It can sweep the table of bots and PSYOP warriors from social media

My latest substack post – about Truth Social and how it could sieze the initiative to reform authentication technology to virtually eliminate PSYOP bad actors from social media … is now up.  

It’s a long complicated piece, but the problems that need to be solved are also complicated. Enjoy.

Truth Social, Trump’s new social media platform that is expected to debut in March, has a unique opportunity to position itself as the ‘trust’ nexus for all existing and future social media platforms, in a surprising but overlooked way—and at the same time deal a death blow to most bots, trolls, and PSYOPs on social media

In fact, of all the body blows Trump could hit the Deep State with, this one is the most damaging—because it can potentially take two critical tools out of the toolboxes of the world’s PSYOP warriors, those who anonymously wage unseen memetic warfare via social media

These two tools involve impersonation (theft of voice) and abuse of anonymity (but probably not in the way you might think about that word. There is a thing called “authenticated anonymity” versus “unauthenticated anonymity”. Keep reading.)