ICYMI: “Operation Warp Speed Slowly Gets Its Due”



The Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed delivered three Covid-19 vaccines in record time. Yet liberals are giving the program its due only now, amid President Biden’s Covid-19 stumbles. Some, including former Biden adviser Ezekiel Emanuel, are even calling for another Operation Warp Speed to boost therapies. Operation Warp Speed also delivered the two monoclonal antibody treatments. More such treatments would have been available this winter had the Biden team not abandoned the program. 

Early in the pandemic, the government struggled to persuade drugmakers to invest in vaccines and therapies. Many companies lost money during previous public-health emergencies when treatments they developed turned out not to be needed. “I’m not like a drug company fan, but there’s no question that a lot of them lost a lot of money trying to produce an Ebola vaccine,” saidRon Klain, now White House chief of staff, in February 2020.

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