They won’t know what hit them.

Yes, the J6 committee, and the recent “raid” of the national archives trying to get documents from Mar-a-Lago… are all trying to get their hands on the PEADS that were written, activated, and distributed out to various teams, agencies & contractors.

Digest this. There are PEADS that authorize actions to be taken by designated parties IF CERTAIN CONDITIONS WARRANT them… and the Biden Admin has not seen those PEADS. They are flying blind and triggering them.

Remember what Obama did to Trump? Spike every agency with dipshit resistance operatives trying to gum up every agency? Remember all those scumbags bragging about how they were fighting the Trump admin at every turn?

Trump did a similar thing, but legally, and with teeth. “Decentralized executive authority” is a nice way of saying “weaponized resistance”. “IF CERTAIN CONDITIONS WARRANT” is a nice way of saying “go ahead, step on this tripwire that you can’t see coming, and see what happens”.

By Radiopatriot

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