Kash Patel discusses how all of the crimes that they committed tie back to the Hillary Clinton campaign because of course, they never thought she would lose. 

Where have we heard that before? 

Now they all lose!

Kash Patel says his timeline for more Durham indictments is “later this summer.” He explained why the Durham investigation is taking so long. 

“John Durham is working on the largest criminal enterprise ever perpetuated in U.S. history… 

He’s put 24 people in a grand jury, as he’s told us. He has indicted the FBI’s lawyer, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s lawyer and the source for the Steele Dossier – and he’s meticulously laid out who else he’s investigating. The likes of Jake Sulllivan and Fusion GPS – and he’s specifically stated that his investigations into those people he has already indicted is not over.” 

He continued on to explain the significance of the fact that there have been NO LEAKS. 

Happy Friday 🇺🇸