I can relate...

“Who would’ve thought in 2017 that thousands of people would form friendships over digging into the truth on an anonymous forum, sharing the digs on Twitter/the board, get kicked off of Twitter the same day as the POTUS, aggregate to Telegram, maintain friendships and keep spreading the truth, and then in one beautiful culmination….

Join that POTUS on his own social network, aptly named for what we do best. 🐸 

I love being a part of this community. 

Thank you for all of the memories over the years frens. 

The laughs, the tears… they helped us all to get through these past few years of ups and downs. 

So as we all begin to merge onto the new platform together, not knowing what the future holds or when our prayers will be answered, just know like always, you’re not alone. 

Where we go one, we go ALL! 🇺🇸”