Investigative Journalist & Political Columnist Brian Cates posts:

“You send in special forces either choppered in or by ground transportation – or even better, thru clandestine undercover infiltration – who go inside the bio labs, seize the evidence, render the pathogens safe by neutralizing them, and then once your special forces team is out, you destroy the entire building and all of it’s very expensive equipment with air strikes and guided precision munitions.  That’s what I do. And I’m not even a military professional.”

A reader posted this in response:  

“So in Iraq, to infil the sniper team and 2 extra soldiers, we would set up fake raids and fake traffic check points so we could sneak off and gain access to whichever rooftop we’d be hiding on for the next several days. This is the same concept that Brian describes and what I suspect is behind reports of lackluster combat performances and abandoned vehicles and stripped uniforms and such. Fake a run for Kyiv in order to infil the labs with Spetsnaz teams”

Below posted today (2/27) by Denise Tucker on GAB social media

It is believed that Trump might have chosen to learn Russian as a 

required language course while attending (

at age 13) the New York Military Academy, a private boarding school during the Cold War, as discussed on Friday night’s podcast