Q FEBRUARY 26, 2022

Posted on  February 26, 2022 at 3:45 pm  by Praying Medic / QQ video /

In today’s update from posts on Truth Social, @Q and Kash Patel challenge anons to crash their birthday celebration.

Thoughts on Truth Social and Q

When Q first posted on 4chan in October of 2017, he did not sign his posts or use a tripcode. He was, for all anyone knew, just another anonymous person. He did not identify himself as Q until after 60 messages had been posted. After posting more than 100 messages, he added a tripcode to further identify himself and secure his messages. As fakers and phonies took to Twitter and Facebook claiming to be Q, it became necessary to let followers know that he was not posting on those platforms. (Thus, the often repeated phrase: “No outside comms”.)

After 8chan was taken down, Q returned on 8kun, but his identity had to be reverified. He warned anons a tripcode verification was coming and then posted simultaneously with President Trump. It has always been Q’s interactions with President Trump that provided proof that he was working closely with him. 

It seems logical that the nature of Q’s mission would change as we drew closer to the day of reckoning for the deep state. I assume the deep state will fight public disclosure of their crimes. And I assume Trump’s people have a plan to make that disclosure more widespread. Since Q is the route they chose for the disclosure of corruption, it would logically follow that Q would have to switch to a more public stance when Durham’s indictments are unsealed. 

The timing of Durham’s indictments, the launch of a censor-proof social media platform, and the public appearance of a Q-like account on it seems to have as its goal, a more robust intelligence operation that the public can’t ignore. 

If the @q account posting on Truth Social is a member of the original Q team, Trump and his people will confirm it, (and I would argue, they are already doing so.) I don’t know if we will see confirmation from Q on the 8kun board, but I suspect we might, given Q’s propensity for following protocol. 

If we do not receive confirmation on the board, Trump, Scavino, Nunes, Patel and others in Trump’s orbit may verify @q on Truth Social in their own way.