Joe Lange:

$150 a barrel for oil will definitely be a breaking point

I think Russia does what they planned quickly and Putin and Zelensky make a peace deal ending the cabal control of Ukraine

Spit Ball 

No more wars and a complete global realignment is coming.

It’s already started.

We are watching the global cabal lose their grip of the planet on a monthly basis now.

In the US we are seeing big things happening daily.

When this country is flipped and the enemy is removed the focus daily will become global and you will see the people of the world unite like never before.

Brian Cates:

From “LOL there are no bio weapons labs in Ukraine!” to “Well ok there ARE some bio weapons labs in Ukraine after all..b-b-but they’re NOT funded by the US Dept. of Defense, you silly wingnuts!” in less than one week. Now watch, here’s the next narrative that’s coming: “Well ok turns out there ARE a buncha bio weapons labs in Ukraine and it turns out  ALL these bio weapons labs were being funded by the US, b-b-but  the US wasn’t funding ANY GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH on any biological agents in these bio weapons labs you silly wingnuts !”