“I’m so scared that there are still a lot of people asleep, I was explaining things to a customer of mine that voted for President Trump and as I was speaking, she didn’t even know what the “Deep State “ was! I was absolutely floored! I’m doing my best to get all words out but sometimes people, especially my family, think I’ve absolutely lost it lol I will push on and people will know who to call and trust when shit starts to really hit the fan! Hangin there patriots!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻” — Leonor Kim, Telegram

“There are a lot of MAGA people who are clueless” — Joe Lange

“This is what scares me! When I get into a conversation with a Maga, then bring up issues truly going on ( Great reset, Ukrainian CIA biolabs, NATO expansion, even devolution, or bioweapon vaccines) the conversation is changed as they are clueless to respond and it is too much to fathom.” – Joan, Telegram

“Don’t worry. They will be on our side in the end” – Joe Lange