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☕️Morning coffee thought inspired by Patel Patriot’s part 18…

Remember how the Dems and the MSM went apeshit because Trump asked Zelensky to coordinate with US DOJ to investigate corruption and Biden’s claims of extorting $1 Billion for firing the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Burisma?

I’m seeing that same level of artificial indignation and insanity directed at Putin because he is finally doing something about the Ukrainian mess the globalists caused.  The latest insanity by Senator Lady G [Graham] calling for the assassination of Putin is evidence of his/her desperation.  They are panicked.  They know how deep their corruption goes.

In just the past week, all of the Rothchilds have gone public against Putin.  George Soros crawled out from his dark hole to make several public comments against Putin.  Loads of Hollywood celebs have sided against Putin.   Most of the US Congress publicly side against Putin.  The media quickly cranked up the propaganda machine against Putin.  

Man, this happened fast!   It’s only been a week and all the hidden scum ran out of the shadows screaming feigned indignation and horror… even though a hot war in Ukraine has continued since 2014… but only the culturally Russian Ukrainian civilians were being terrorized and abused.

It seems that exposing Ukraine corruption is a very sensitive topic with the globalist treacherous filth.  What do they know that they don’t want made public?

So why was a mass land army invasion required?  Because the globalists established a massive organized criminal syndicate masquerading as a nation-state.  The globalists funded and trained a fully equipped military force to act as the “muscle” to extort and terrorize innocent Ukrainian people, and to protect their criminal network… under the auspices of national sovereignty.

It was brilliant.  They created a legitimized storefront called “government” to clandestinely enable money laundering, human/drug trafficking, and even bioweapons development.  All of that criminal activity was protected under the sovereignty of a legitimized puppet government.

Zelensky isn’t the Mafia Capo.  He’s nothing but a puppet.  He dances and sings for the hidden oligarchs who pull his strings…just like Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Biden, Johnson, et. al.

We are witnessing an unprecedented use of cross-border mass military formations as “SWAT” forces to takedown a massive, militarized criminal organization.   

Russian military force was required because the extent of the brazen global corruption had been left unchecked for decades and it has metastasized into an entire nation-state of organized crime in the West.

You bet the CCP is watching.  The Chinese Communist Party is nothing but a brutal criminal organization too.  They understand full well that after the White Hats take down the globalist corruption in the West, they will set their sights on the criminal empire of the East… the CCP days are numbered.

This is much bigger than we can imagine.  It’s happening.

— Part 2 —

They are not governments.  They have no armies.   The oligarchs pull the strings of their puppets in government.  Often those strings are made with blackmail, extortion, coercion, direct threats, or bribery.

Unlike oligarchs who recognize no national allegiances or laws, their puppets are “encumbered” by constitutions and other legislative constraints.   Things get really messy for heads of state that try to govern against the consent of the people… ask Nicolae Ceaușescu how that worked out for him.  

Similarly, going to war is kind of a big deal.  Governments can’t just take their countries to war when their oligarch masters say so.   Politicians must talk.  Media must propagandize.  That stuff takes time.  But in NATO you’re talking about 30 different nations.  Yikes!

Believe me, I’ve seen how NATO “works” from the inside.  Getting the nations to agree on anything is damn-near impossible.  I can think of two things that don’t function at all through consensus:  science and warfighting.   

NATO is really a money laundering institution with a legitimized defense store front.  NATO is a bad joke.  It is NOTHING without US financing, US staffing, and US military might.   

We all believe that Patel’s Devolution theory has merit.  Having that belief in common, we agree that Biden is NOT our commander in chief.   The oligarchs can pull on his strings all they want, but Biden is impotent.  He cannot order the military to war.

No US military, no war in Europe.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

With the CCP, that puppet analogy works in the opposite direction.   The CCP hopes that Pudd’n Pants [Biden] will allow China to aggress against Taiwan unopposed.  But Biden is NOT our commander in chief.  The CCP can pull on his strings all they want, but Biden is impotent.   He cannot order our military to disobey their mission directives.  The US military will defend Taiwan.

If the CCP thinks it can attack Taiwan unopposed, they will learn the hard way that Pudd’n Pants wasn’t worth the billions they bribed Hunter with.

The U.S. Is Getting Taiwan Ready to Fight on the Beaches

Biden continues Trump’s “porcupine strategy” to harden the island’s defenses.

The Biden Admin has continued the Trump Admin’s “Porcupine Strategy” in regards to Taiwan. Japan has pledged to defend Taiwan and is pressuring the US to ‘abandon ambiguity’ on the issue and make a similar pledge. 

The US 7th Fleet sailed a destroyer through the Taiwan Strait just a week ago and we currently have 3 Strike Groups near Taiwan with two more between Guam and San Diego. The US and Japan yesterday conducted a show of force demonstration. Ambiguity in words or not, there is little ambiguity at all in our actions in the Pacific.

Porcupine Strategy.

US Destroyer Sails through Taiwan Strait

US Fleet Tracker

Japan’s Former PM Abe

US and Japan conduct demostrations

I know what President Trump is predicting in regards to Taiwan and China. I think he is weaponizing the news. 

What I think is most likely is a scenario where China aggresses in some way towards Taiwan, Biden dithers and mumbles, then Japan steps up and shuts China’s aggression down.


Look who else was in Taiwan while Pompeo was there. Coincidence? Or Devolution?

‘“As the world focuses on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a delegation of former US officials has signaled American support for another democracy that’s come under increasing pressure from an authoritarian power.

The former defense and security officials, led by ex-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen, met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday during a two-day visit to the self-ruled island”

Wen-Ti Sung, a lecturer in the Taiwan Studies Program at the Australian National University, said the timing of the American delegation’s visit was “clearly tied to the Ukraine crisis” and Mullen’s role as its head signaled that defense discussions would “feature prominently on the agenda.”

“At this moment when Taiwan is wondering whether it’s going to be Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow … the presence of a senior and bipartisan ex-governmental delegation is here to illustrate that US security commitment indeed is different and is higher to Taiwan than it is to Ukraine,”’


Seeing some chatter about “nazis” in Ukraine. That word is even trending on Twitter. 

Go read Devolution – Part 18 – The Proof is in the Putin

You’ll see how these nazis are connected to Joe Biden and you’ll see that Putin isn’t quite who the media has made him out to be. 




Tweet claims:

BREAKING: Russia finds NATO equipment at the headquarters of a Ukrainian nazi group “the right sector”

Link 👇


Important reading. 

Bigger than you can imagine. 

[C]lowns [I]n [A]merica

We are all terrorist now according to dhs. 

Truth is treason in the empire of lies. 

War between Russia and Ukraine appears to have given the CIA the pretext to launch a long-planned insurgency in the country, one poised to spread far beyond Ukraine’s borders with major implications for Biden’s “War on Domestic Terror”



Patel Patriot:

Got an email from Burningbright today He’s absolutely brilliant:

Lends merit to Slag’s work too:

His email:

“I thought you’d be VERY interested in this finding. 

Further, on Friday Robert O’Brien – the former national security adviser to Donald Trump – briefed conservative lawmakers are (sic) what it would take to support a Zelensky government in exile. 

“We should recognize them as a government in exile, in Warsaw or in London, and we ought to refer to Ukraine as occupied Ukraine,” O’Brien said

I personally see this as O’Brien and Devolution team seeding the public narrative on the concept of Government in Exile/Devolution in a way that normie Ukraine flag-fliers will eat up and repeat. It’s all about storytelling/disclosure from now until Devolution goes more overt in some manner, IMO.”