March 6, 2022

It’s probably because they are losing the control of the people based on fear over Putin. They have to try to bring it closer to home.

Just a thought

March 6, 2022

Believe me it’s far worse than most people realize.

Military tribunals are coming for these traitors

March 6, 2022

I believe it will be like before. Our money will be worth a portion of gold and silver yet to be determined

March 6, 2022

I have no idea but I think gold is going much higher.

True panic has not set in yet

Mar 7, 2022 The Gang of Weasels Just Lost Another Conflict because they are Tone Deaf Bob Moriarty 321gold …takes no prisoners!

March 07, 2022

Another good article from Bob Moriarty telling it like it is.

March 07, 2022

Trump knew how to grow the economy huge even in the central bank debt system.

Hecht regulations big time letting businesses keep more of their money. He cut taxes big time letting people keep more of their money. Then he made us an energy exporter instead of importer.

He’s going to do the same thing again but without a central bank controlling and taking a cut of everything.

No more federal income tax.

Trump was serious when he said the best is yet to come.

And money that doesn’t lose value but will instead be the most valuable on the planet.

March 07, 2022

And I think Putin may be the one to bring down the entire banking system.

Trump will bring it back fast.

March 07, 2022

Excellent analysis. I agree completely. When the propaganda media is removed everything changes.

March 07, 2022

We are already in recession and nobody wants to be the first to admit it. The numbers are manipulated but the cake has already been baked.

These next few weeks will be a shock to many when oil spikes inflation in everything.

Plus the inflation number comes out on the 10th.

Fed hasn’t even raised rates yet, only talked about it.

When they do the market will tank even more.

March 07, 2022

Here’s the link from Kyle’s JustHuman livestream this morning

March 07, 2022

There’s a reason Twitter banned Trump and all Anons.

We were red pilling millions.

They won’t be able to do that to TS.

March 07, 2022

Can I add to that?

I think people are viewing much of what we see happening from the wrong perspective.

There is a war going on but it’s not for us.

Trump has already won us over and there’s no going back.

The war is for the hearts and minds of the normies.

They are still the majority and know very little of what we already know.

It explains why things are happening the way they are.

Red pilled people can’t figure out why it’s taking so long, why certain things are being done and said.

It’s all to win the normies and win the war.

The enemy’s only chance is to keep us divided.

The election will be overturned using the constitution and rule of law.

Mass arrests will happen because of the rule of law.

The central banks debt system will collapse because of war in Ukraine spiking oil and inflation.

Biden was allowed to play pretend president to expose the democrats in order to destroy the democrat party forever.

He’s boxed in and powerless.

All of this is a play being directed by Trump and the patriots all for the normies sake.

Not ours.

Truth Social will speed up the process and we will play a large role in it.


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March 07, 2022

This is incoming 


By THE INVESTOPEDIA TEAM Updated February 23, 2022

Reviewed by ERIC ESTEVEZ

What Is Stagflation?

Stagflation is characterized by slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment—or economic stagnation—which is at the same time accompanied by rising prices (i.e. inflation). Stagflation can be alternatively defined as a period of inflation combined with a decline in the gross domestic product (GDP).


 • Stagflation refers to an economy that is experiencing a simultaneous increase in inflation and stagnation of economic output.

March 07, 2022

I have to disagree my friend.

…Those people hate Trump for two reasons.

The media told them to hate him and the media told them they are the majority.

What happens when those same people see people in the media arrested as enemy combatants and there no longer is a left wing Trump hating media?

What happens when they see the election was stolen and they aren’t just the minority but the very small minority.

They will do what they always do.

Follow the majority.

March 07, 2022

No. That wasn’t a stimulus. It was a bailout for Wall Street banks.

There is no stimulus coming.

They raise the debt ceiling and borrow more to pay the interest.

The game is up.

Their debt system Ponzi scheme is imploding.

March 07, 2022

If they do the market tanks and it has no effect because oil is now driving inflation. The war in Ukraine has spiked it and now US politicians and the EU are talking about cutting off Russian oil purchases.

That will shoot oil past $150 and skyrocket inflation more.

If they don’t raise rates and keep printing money then inflation keeps accelerating because we’ve reached the point of no return.

Inflation will kill the central banks.

Gold is the safe haven from inflation.

Gold will kill the central banks.

March 07, 2022

I don’t agree.

The media always says rates are priced in.

That’s a lie.

Big boys have been selling for many months now.

It’s not about the rates.

It’s about there no longer being a Fed backstop to save the markets every time it drops 10%.

We are down 20% now and the panic hasn’t even started yet.

I warned people many months ago going back to last year that I could see big boys on Wall Street selling in huge volume in the last ten minutes of the day.

Why were they suddenly doing it?

They knew ahead of time the Fed was no longer going to backstop the market so they started taking profits from this bull market going back to the 2008 crash.

They have been selling into every rally.

They know before everyone else that’s why you always watch volume.

What does it mean that the Fed is no longer the backstop?

It’s not just keeping rates near zero and handing free money to Wall Street banks to buy stocks but it’s the Fed purchasing assets too. The Fed purchasing bonds and corporate debt has created a bubble in both the bond and stock markets.

The bubbles have bursted.

Inflation i is about to destroy the central bank debt system worldwide.

March 07, 2022

I’m not going to tell anybody what to do with their own money.

I’m trying to inform people and encourage them to take personal responsibility for their own money cause nobody will care more about it than you.

March 07, 2022

My problem is this.

I learned the hard way by not knowing what I was doing and lost half my money in the dot com bubble.

Anybody can make money in a bull market.

But when it turns to a bear market most people lose everything they made or a huge portion then it takes many years to make back what they had.

After losing half my money I told myself that wouldn’t ever happen again and I learned from my mistake.

I stopped trusting money managers that get paid on commission whether you make money or lose it.

Who make money keeping you in stocks or funds that give them big commissions but lose your money.

I educated myself.

You will never have better advice than this….

A weekly chart.

It is the most important chart there is and no money manager will ever show you your stocks, funds or anything on a weekly chart.

Weekly chart is important because it shows whether or not the big boys are buying or selling and you don’t ever want to be going against them.

Learn to read a chart and your risk goes way down and it protects you from losing the money you already earned.