Jussie Smollett gets 5 months in Jail & 2 and a half yrs probation. I believe he deserved more, but most speculated he’d get none so ill take it. 

But now we know that it WAS IN-FACT the CABAL that tasked him with this; by his “Im not suicidal” outburst… he knows… the same seedy world Epstein, Brunel, The Clinton’s, Kamala… all of them slither around in… the same seedy world that gathered every ounce of influence they had and threw it at Donald Trump as he exposed them… the same seedy world that orchestrated false flag after false flag on Trump Supporters and Trump. Getting caught over and over, but never with such a high profile… 

Clearly they promised him he’d be protected. Clearly that power is fading.

Source: Where We Go 1 We go All