We’re still forming the right shoulder on the head and shoulders pattern on the one year weekly chart.

SPY can rally up into the 444 area.

Will be choppy till the crash which looks to happen end of March sometime


What will effect the markets is raising interest rates and the Fed stopping asset and bond purchases.

That might begin next week


In response to JJMil…”I’ll be glad to fork over some nickels on this theory of yours with SCOTUS overturning & new elections, providing that I can hold you to that theory – you can’t change your mind!!!” 

Don’t worry. I’m sticking to it. I think it’s been Trump’s plan from the beginning.

Yah!!! I’m gonna get my nickels back!!!😂😂



Our whole lives our government and media have painted Putin as evil and Russia as the enemy

Propaganda at it’s finest

Now the table has been flipped

True evil is having our corrupt government use our tax payer money to create bio weapons in labs all over the world for the hidden enemy controlling them

True evil is developing these bio weapons for the cabal’s depopulation plans

The cards were dealt, the stakes were raised and now the enemy’s shitty hand is revealed and Putin holds the Royal Flush


Our government was making bio weapons for depopulation. It’s worse than the vaccine debacle


The hidden war

The hidden enemy being exposed 

Proof Trump and Putin are working together 

The table is being set by Putin

He has exposed Ukraine 

He has exposed NATO

He has exposed the EU

And now he is exposing the UN

All of this you are watching is the beginning of the end for all these globalists entities controlled by the cabal 

Putin is the Trump card

All of this will lead to the dismantling of these controlled entities 

Trump now has evidence to remove our country from them all



It’s called Kayfabe JJ.

Get out of the media narrative. Trump speaks to normies who don’t know anything. It’s to his advantage in this war to play along exactly like Afghanistan.

You were telling me the same thing about the Taliban and Afghanistan.


This is the exact same playbook by Trump.

The globalists are being exposed.

That’s the 40,000 foot view of what’s happening

The UN Security Council is being exposed by Putin as completely corrupt


Russia bringing receipts on the fake propaganda of Russian military killing civilians. 

All staged


He’s setting the table for Trump.

Trump will have receipts to prove Putin is right.

Together they will expose the UN , NATO and the EU. All of their days are numbered.

Remember this day


Because it was the deep state he was fighting. We were infiltrated by the enemy.

An insurgency all through his presidency and there was no way to take down all of them but that time is coming when mass arrests change everything


What is being exposed is the military industrial complex and the corrupt pentagon which is why Trump devolved the military and separated them from any real power


So why not listen to JustHuman. He brings receipts all the time.

He’s also been right about most everything including Afghanistan while everyone including Trump, Kash, Pompeo and both sides of the media were all singing the same tune.

Deception is required in war.

If you think Trump is going to admit he’s working with Putin to take down the cabal get used to waiting.

You can believe what you want.

I know there’s a plan and I also know the enemy is in a panic and Putin has them right where he wants them


It isn’t about gotcha. It’s about entrapping an enemy globally that has infiltrated every government on the planet.

The only way you defeat it is to awaken the large majority of the global population to its existence and the evil it’s doing.

That’s what’s happening.

The normies still represent the majority.

We are trying to take them down with as few casualties as possible

And it’s not about politics. It’s war.

Trump is trying to destroy the democrat party forever


Then why are they expanding Gitmo and building multiple court rooms to hold trials simultaneously when there’s only about 30 inmates there?


Biden and Obama are on record wanting to close Gitmo yet the opposite is happening.

Trump devolved the military, Patel gives the documents to prove it.


And why can’t Biden/ Obama do anything about it?


Remember when Rubio was being groomed by the cabal as Jeb’s VP and future president.

Trump kinda blew that up.

Wonder how he likes them apples?

Just Human ⭐️⭐️⭐️ in Just Human Chat ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This establishment explanation is bullshit and it’s easily proven.

1. If these bio labs WERE taking US money and technical expertise for the purpose of cleanup/deactivating Soviet-era biological weapons, that’s a HUMANITARIAN mission. There’s nothing secret about that – why scrub websites?

2. Russia hit 9 of these facilities with CRUISE MISSILES 

3. If these facilities had humanitarian missions and they were ATTACKED with cruise missiles, why not come out IMMEDIATELY and claim the public opinion points? Why did it take so long to admit these facilities existed and then spin the yarn about a humanitarian purpose?

Answer: because these facilities had a nefarious purpose, or there’s information there that the corrupt establishment is terrified that Russia will publicize. Possibly both.

They’re spinning the story so fast they can’t keep their narrative straight. 


This is the environment where mistakes are made that cannot be fixed.


This is a great take on things by Slag



Spit Ball 

“The media is the enemy of the people.”

Those are strong words are they not?

How many times has Trump warned us of that?

How many times has he called them “fake news?”

Yet here we are with people believing everything the media is saying about Putin and Russia.

How evil they are.

And how innocent Ukraine is.

No media mention of the Ukrainian government slaughtering their own people for over 8 years now.

No mention of the massive money laundering of our tax payer money in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

No mention of the sex trafficking of children.

No mention of the training of true Nazi paramilitary units. Not just in the Ukrainian military but also Antifa to instigate color revolutions all over the world.

And no mention of the dozen or so bio weapons labs in Ukraine controlled and funded by our very own military industrial complex.

Bio weapons and weapon distribution systems to kill populations. Targeting certain ethnicity’s based on DNA.

These are just the media lies about the Russian’s removing the cabal playground of evil.

What else has the media lied about?

Over the last 5 years?

While Trump was president?

It wasn’t just Russia Russia Russia.

The election.

January 6

Juicy Smoll’et

Stormy Daniels/Avanatti

Trump is a Nazi/racist

Trump Jr is going to prison 

Trump is going to get impeached and removed 

The whole covid plandemic 

Trump’s gonna start WW3

Mueller is going to indict Trump.

There’s literally so many times the media has lied to us I can’t remember all the times.

What’s changed when it comes to the Ukraine war?



They’re still lying and still the enemy of the people.

Feel free to add to the list of lies the media has told that I missed.

All just my opinion of course


Prayers you can beat the weather my friend.

The big news was Russia calling a UN Security Council meeting on the bio weapons labs in Ukraine.

All the usual suspects ignored the concerns and bashed Russia for the war.

But Russia brought the evidence and laid it out there and refuted the propaganda.

The UN was just exposed as corrupt as the EU and NATO which I believe all their days are numbered


A lot of people hear Trump or those around him saying things that don’t make sense because they go along with the media narrative.

Is the media narrative true or is Trump and other patriots purposely being deceptive?

Deception is required in war.

Remember all the people saying why is Trump going along with the covid narrative?

Especially after we knew Fauci and the CDC were lying.

And we also knew Trump had to know they were lying?

Why did he play along?

It’s the exact same reason he played along with the media’s narrative on Afghanistan and is doing it once again on Ukraine.

Remember what Q said


We are in a war with a HIDDEN ENEMY.

Who is the enemy hidden from?

The normies 

The war is being fought in the media for the hearts and minds of the normies.

When it comes to the plandemic, who is the hidden enemy?

The Rockefeller’s. They control the entire corrupt medical system.

Do the Normies know anything about them?


Do normies trust the medical system?

Do normies trust their doctors?

Do normies trust the CDC?

Do normies trust vaccines?

The answer is yes on all those questions.

In a media war it is a “losing battle” to take them head on.

The media would have easily destroyed Trump’s popularity with the normies.

Why give the enemy an easy win. Why help them?

Instead Trump went along and began to expose the corruption along with the media lies.

Trump won that battle.

Fauci has disappeared and the plandemic is disappearing.

What about Afghanistan?

Same strategy by Trump and same type of battle.

We’ve fought the Taliban for 20 years. Normies only know them as the enemy.

Normies didn’t know Trump had made a deal with a few Taliban leaders who were left after they had helped us hunt down and kill the rest of the Taliban leadership. We hollowed them out then made a peace deal to end the war. The Taliban didn’t kill or harm a single American after they signed the Doha agreement.

But the normies still saw the Taliban as the enemy so Trump played along in the media and bashed Biden’s handling of the withdrawal, crashing his poll numbers 

And now we have Ukraine.

How has the media portrayed Putin and Russia our whole lives?

Do people really think Trump would take that media narrative head on after generations of brain washing?

Why not use the same tactics that keep on working?

Why not play along and not let the media paint you as supporting the evil Putin that normies have been taught to hate?

Why not play into the media narrative and let the enemy in Ukraine be exposed for crimes against humanity and the media exposed as the enemy of the people AGAIN?

The hidden enemy loses when they are exposed to the normies.

At that point the game is over and Trump knows it.


There are over 300,000 sealed indictments. It will be stopped on our timing.

There are bigger things happening much of which we barely have a clue about.

Q was exactly right.

Nothing can stop what’s coming

US ran gruesome bioweapon research in over 25 countries. Wuhan, tip of an iceberg

The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons


Lots of interesting info on bio weapons labs 


I completely agree. Many make the mistake of thinking the Great Awakening has already happened because of us in the truth movement but that’s not the case.

The Great Awakening will be the masses of normies worldwide waking up to the hidden enemy not just the puppets they control


Truth Social 

They say timing is everything.

Look at the news all happening at once.

Ukraine bio weapons labs funded by our military industrial complex is leading the narrative today but there’s so many more big narratives right off stage waiting to enter the spotlight.

Election fraud 

Durham indictments 


Market collapse 


Midterms massacre 

Remember when Trump came down the escalator?

The enemy targeted their only true threat from that moment on and have never let up.

The media has always been the hidden enemy’s greatest weapon.

They have weaponized the media to propagandize the population, destroy their enemies and promote themselves.

Trump took their greatest weapon head on.

Fake news

Enemy of the people 

He’s weakened the enemy’s greatest weapon like never before.

At the same time Q launched General Flynn’s digital army to combat the lies and fight for the truth.

We are clearly winning.

Momentum is on our side and guess what’s happening right now?

Trump is arming his greatest weapon.

Truth Social is arming up!

It’s about to be weaponized and go on the offensive.

The media is about to be overwhelmed and tossed on the ash heap of history.

We are the media now and the hidden enemy is about to know what a real storm feels like.


I believe the election fraud will be the first domino.

When the world sees the evidence that the enemy stole the election for the “leader of the free world”, that will open eyes.

Then mass arrests for treason and corruption. Big names.

Then governments around the world exposed for their corruption and frog marched.

At this point the normies will be awake and able to stomach the real evil crimes.

The child trafficking and sacrifice.

It has to be a process or people would literally end up shocked and depressed in the hospital.

All just my opinion


It is weird isn’t it?

Surprised he hasn’t announced he’s caught Covid

In response to “Where’s Fauci?”