March 09, 2022

Barr is playing the media to create distance for when big indictments come. Listen to JustHuman livestream on Monday morning. He went into this in great detail.

March 09, 2022

Market update 

Market is up big. Very low volume. Bet there will be some big selling at the very end but my guess is we have another up day on the market tomorrow at least to the 434 area on the SPY because there is a gap up there on the 5 day 15 minute chart to fill.

But it gapped up this morning so once it fills the gap at 434 my guess is it comes right back down to close the gap up this morning in the 422 area.

We are still forming the right shoulder on the head and shoulders pattern on the 1 year weekly chart.

When that shoulder is done forming down she goes.

Looks like March for sure to me.

March 09, 2022

Spit Ball

Do you want to know why there is so much panic from the enemy over Ukraine?

It’s far more than the center for money laundering for the entire cabal or a training ground for Antifa and color revolution pawns to overthrow governments all over the world.

We now know it was also a major center for biological weapons manufacturing which is illegal.

Remember Q’s posts where he said “all assets deployed?”

That’s what’s happening.

From cutting Russia out of SWIFT, sanctions, limiting oil sales, giving weapons to Ukraine and even desperately trying to give Ukraine fighter jets and calls for NATO to create a no fly zone.

Then you had the propaganda media on the left and the right all singing the same song.

How evil Putin and Russia is and how innocent Zelensky and Ukraine are.

No mention of the bio weapons labs.

No mention of the Nazi Ukrainian military and training of Antifa.

No mention of the slaughter of innocent Ukrainian civilians by the Ukrainian government that’s been going on for years.

No mention of the massive money laundering happening that ties many of our own politicians to the theft of our tax payer money.

Lindsey Graham calling for the assassination of Putin on tv.

Romney coming out of hiding to bash Putin.

Rubio running cover for the bio labs in hearings.

Votes to ban everything to do with Russia.

The panic has reached a new level.


Info is coming out about these bio weapons labs even tied to Obama.

Our very own DOD and State department involved.


The enemy is backed into a corner and they know they are close to being completely exposed.

It’s a desperate time for them.

We are near the end of this chess game.

Ukraine represented the enemy’s queen and Putin just took it out.

The enemy is defenseless and only has a few moves left in my opinion.

Their days are numbered. The hand writing is on the wall and time is short.

If you haven’t read Biernutz first sub stack article on Trump’s Gambit I encourage you.

End game in sight.

March 09, 2022

Hey JJ as you know I mostly agree with you but we always have a disconnect and I now think I know why.

I think there are two separate things happening at the same time.

You are focused on one and I am focused on the other.

We intersect in many ways but they are still separate.

Let me try to explain.

We are in a war but there are two parts to that war.

There’s the public part and the clandestine part.

The public part is a war in the media and the battlefield is for the hearts and minds of normies who don’t know what we know.

The clandestine part we were introduced to by Q back in 2017.

Trump was already at war. He was a war time president the moment he was sworn in because the declared war on terror has never ended since 9/11.

But Q told us that we were fighting an insurgency and the enemy had infiltrated every part of society not just our government.

Corporations, media, Hollywood etc.

Trump has been fighting this war every single day since. He’s only on the sidelines publicly because that’s the media part of this war.

Do you remember early on after Patel came out with his brilliant articles on devolution? He put evidence to the clandestine war happening behind the scenes. The stuff normies know nothing about.

But do you remember you and I having friendly debates because I was saying Biden was fake and Trump was still president?

What everyone thought at the time was devolution was enacted after the steal and Trump was on the sidelines as we waited for a trigger to green light the military to take action.

But I was seeing things happening that told me Biden wasn’t in charge of the executive branch not just the military.

Biden was boxed in as Kyle likes to say and had no real executive power but I was also seeing things happen from the executive branch that were clearly Trump’s agenda continuing the war.

Then Biernutz showed me Trump’s EO creating the shadow presidency and the very next day Patel put out devo 13 on that very same EO and had all the receipts.

It proved what I was already seeing.

And that’s why we disagree I think.

We come at things from two different perspectives.

You have two great qualities I don’t possess.

You are a great researcher and you’re also great at articulating what you’ve researched.

I’m neither.

I see things happening and discern possibilities in light of the clandestine war I know is happening.

I don’t have receipts and on a lot of what I think is happening there may never be receipts because it’s clandestine and will never be admitted to.

It’s just two different brains wired differently.

You see Trump or someone close to him say something and your brain believes it until proven otherwise.

Nothing wrong with that.

Mine hears the same thing in a normies perspective and I think automatically it’s the media war.

You studied the LOW and know it’s limitations but I knew the combatant commanders were not controlling things in the DOJ, Treasury or State Department.

You see the constitution and it’s rules and limitations and apply them to the current situation especially regarding the election.

Nothing wrong with that.

I see the possibility that there is something more going on because we have literally never been in this position before. There’s no precedent and the constitution says nothing about what to do if you have been infiltrated by an enemy in an insurgency that’s gone on for many generations and they steal an entire election.

We are in new territory and just spit balling because of that and almost everything is clandestine operations except what’s being fought in the media for the normies sake.

So there is a possibility Trump is still president and a president in exile. I can’t prove it but it is a possibility.

Does this make sense?

March 09, 2022

My wife says the same thing. You’ve been saying somethings going to happen for over a year now. And she means something big.

None of the stuff we are seeing daily matters because Biden is still president to her and nobody big has been arrested.

I totally understand that.

She’s a show me type of person.

And most my friends, family and coworkers know I’m smart but think I’m crazy.

If it wasn’t for you guys here on spitballers and our great little corner of the truther movement I probably would go crazy.

I can’t keep all this stuff inside and you guys are the only ones I can have conversations with about this stuff.

It’s quite a blessing.

March 09, 2022

A new dawn is coming! March Madness 

April showers.

March 10, 2022

Spit Ball

New inflation number 

It came in at 7.9

They were expecting 7.8

They manipulate the number and surely kept it under 8%

The Fed will now use the excuse that it only went up .4 when last month it went up .5 so that will be their good news story to only raise rates a quarter point next week.

They will try to claim inflation is slowing.

Anybody believe that?

The spike in oil prices isn’t reflected in this number at all.

The Fed is behind the curve.

An inflation tsunami is coming and they are going to try to pretend it isn’t in my opinion.


If suddenly and unexpectedly they hike rates half a point?

Look out below!

March 10, 2022

They don’t have a choice. The market crashes this month if you look at the one year weekly chart. Head and shoulders pattern forming and almost complete

March 10, 2022

It’s good to look at all possibilities.

We aren’t insiders and we’re all just spit balling.

I still think before midterms though

March 10, 2022

Great article on the correlation between high gas prices and recession which I believe we are in already.

March 10, 2022

Great analysis JJ! I missed it and hope to listen today.

But here’s the issue I see that everyone keeps ignoring.

Everyone focuses on Trump and when or how he returns.

Trump wasn’t the only one running for election in 2020.

The entire election was fraud.

All house seats across the country were up for election and maybe a third of Senate seats.

Not to mention governors, state legislatures and every other state office.

Do all the people elected by cheating get to keep their seats?

If Biden doesn’t then why should they?

How do you rectify that?

They would have to be removed also and how do you fill all those vacancies without another election?

How do you pick the winners including Trump when it’s impossible to certify a true vote count which is still required under the constitution.

Do we set precedent and say that doesn’t matter?

And don’t forget, the cheating goes back to the midterms in 2018 and we now know the military was already monitoring those elections too.

But there is a huge difference between the military capturing all the evidence of cheating and capturing a true vote total which is not possible.

I think a lot of people are thinking too small.

Trump isn’t trying to just get back in office.

He’s trying to fix all elections in every state permanently.

The only way that happens is if the entire election is tossed not just his election and all states including blue states are required to put in safeguards.

That’s what I believe has been the plan all along

March 10, 2022

I agree. No fraud should ever be acceptable and if we are going to change things permanently then that’s the starting point

March 10, 2022

You can’t change that thinking so accept that and be okay knowing that what will change that way of thinking is mass arrests of a lot of government people and the media.

The entire political landscape is going to change

March 10, 2022

Nakasone was speaking about the 2018 midterms if I recall but you still haven’t answered my main questions.

There is no way the military knows the true vote count. They could monitor the machines and I believe they did so and caught vote switching etc.

But they can’t possibly know which ballots run through the machines, sometimes many times over and over again, are legal and which aren’t unless full forensic audits are done in every election across the country.

They also can’t possibly know the number of legal ballots thrown away or destroyed.

So given that how do you certify a true vote count since that is a constitutional requirement?

Do we skip that and set that as a precedent?

Do we say the military without a true count or certification appoints Trump but all the other elections have to be done over and does anybody think that’s what Trump wants?

I don’t.

And you keep saying safeguards are being put in place but that’s not happening at all in blue states and not even all red states.

How do you stop the cheating and force blue states to put in safeguards?

March 10, 2022

You still have to follow the constitution and have a certified vote count.

Do we skip that part of the constitution?

March 10, 2022

Can I add something to your great post?

There are two things happening at the same time.

The clandestine part and the part being played out for the normies.

The day of the election steal we entered into a constitutional crisis.

Trump devolved the government and created a shadow presidency.

We are now waiting for the public constitutional crisis to play out for the normies which will trigger the big reveal, mass arrests and the Great Awakening.

Trump is still waging war clandestinely though publicly he’s on the sidelines.

This is a situation unlike any in history and the rules have changed.

We haven’t just been occupied but we are in a global war right now

March 10, 2022

Brnovich job isn’t to decertify anything. His job is to prosecute crimes. When he arrests election officials in Arizona for a conspiracy and giant Rico case everything will change

March 10, 2022

I’m not picking on you either. Just trying to win my nickels back!😁

But you say Trump will do everything by the book and follow the constitution yet you think he will be made president with no way to certify the election which is required under the constitution.

To follow the constitution there will have to be a new election that can be certified with a true vote count.

Am I right?

Pay me my nickels!😁😁

March 10, 2022

Judges have already tossed elections for fraud in the past. Precedent already set and fraud vitiates everything.

You’re viewing it from a legal perspective rather than an act of war.

It is an insurgency and the election wasn’t just fraud. It was a conspiracy by an enemy that has infiltrated every aspect of our country and with help from foreign countries stole our election.

They don’t get to keep the steal just because the same enemy combatants in state legislatures say so.

Many of them were illegally elected too don’t forget.

And the dates and rules in the constitution were for legal and legitimate elections and we know 2020 wasn’t so they no longer apply

March 10, 2022

To discern Kayfabe you have to try and see things from a normies perspective because most of the Kayfabe is directed at them.

There’s several reasons to use Kayfabe.

To distract attention from something that is clandestine and to create a storyline.

Trump’s fight with Sessions was the first big one I remember.

Trump bashed Sessions for recusing himself and doing nothing while the enemy was getting away with all kinds of crimes.


Sessions was the one who appointed Durham and Huber long before anybody knew their names. They were already investigating a conspiracy of corruption.


It also created the storyline of separation between Trump and the Department of Justice to prevent the media narrative that the criminal investigations were political and biased.

Trump and Barr are still using Kayfabe for the same reasons.

Afghanistan was total Kayfabe.

Trump knew the Taliban were keeping his Doha agreement.

But on tv he talked about how bad the Taliban were and how Americans were gonna die and were trapped there and we lost 80 billion worth of military equipment.

He knew it was all a lie.

He used that media narrative to bash Biden and collapse his poll numbers. It worked.

He’s doing the same about Ukraine.

Hope that helps

March 10, 2022

As you said, Trump knows far more than we do and has known things for quite awhile.

He says China virus cause it was created and unleashed in China.

He got bashed for saying it but he was right and knew he was right which is why he said it in the first place.

That’s not Kayfabe.

That’s Trump speaking truth he knows and people didn’t at the time

March 10, 2022

That’s not a game changer at all because it still doesn’t account for all the legal ballots destroyed and never counted.

There’s no way to certify a true vote count.

You are also treating this like an election law case.

This isn’t about legality.

It’s an act of war.

The Supreme Court’s job is to protect the constitution.

A completely fraudulent election is already illegitimate. It is against the constitution on it’s face.

There is no possible way the Supreme Court sees a case brought by a state legislature (Arizona) with all the evidence of a conspiracy and an act of war and then says, sorry, nothing we can do but kick it back to the states and if they don’t do anything then the fraudulent election stands.

I don’t see that happening at all.

They would become complicit in the steal and become enemy combatants and that ain’t going to happen

March 10, 2022

Sorry but you are missing my point. The election cannot possibility be certified which is the law under the constitution.

March 10, 2022

You are talking about two different things.

State legislatures have plenary power over elections.

The Supreme Court upholds the constitution.

Nothing about the 2020 election was constitutional. Am I right?

So to say they can’t toss it is a mistake and you are assuming laws for legitimate elections apply to the 2020 election.

It was war not just fraud.

The literal survival of the constitution that the Supreme Court is supposed to uphold is on the line.

These aren’t just crimes.

I see no way the Supreme Court sees evidence of a conspiracy by the democrat party with help from China and just kicks it back to the states. The states were in on it.

Many of them are enemy combatants.

The Supreme Court will have evidence of state legislatures helping with the steal and many of them fraudulently elected and you think the Supreme Court would see that evidence and say there’s nothing we can do. If the crooked state legislatures let it stand then it stands?


I see everything Trump doing behind the scenes is to bring a case before the Supreme Court.

Why would he be doing that?

March 10, 2022

All of that I certainly agree with. I was commenting on why Trump keeps calling it China virus and that’s for the sake of the normies who don’t know most of this stuff

March 10, 2022

Our brains are on two different wavelengths.

I don’t believe it’s about election law anymore.

It was an act of war. 

This isn’t about a legal fight.

Arizona doesn’t need to argue at all about what any other state did to conduct it’s election.

They will provide evidence of the democrat party with help from China stealing the election nationwide.

Do you see how we see things differently?

We are already in a constitutional crisis.

We aren’t waiting for one.

The public constitutional crisis will happen for the normies sake in my opinion of course 😊

March 10, 2022

You didn’t understand my comment.

Arizona doesn’t need to bring any other state into it because they will have evidence of a nationwide conspiracy regardless how any other state conducts its elections.

March 10, 2022

There is a massive Rico case across many states happening in my opinion but I believe Trump’s plan all along was to bring the right case before the Supreme Court

March 10, 2022

Trump is trying to stop the fraud in every election. That’s my whole point

How does he do that without exposing it all and having it tossed then a new election overseen by the military to prevent cheating with voter ID and paper ballots?

People may resign themselves to accept that there will always be some voter fraud but as long as it’s not huge we’ll live with it.

That’s how we got here.

Trump thinks the opposite.

He doesn’t want any fraud in any election ever.

All just my opinion

March 10, 2022

That’s just talking about the presidential election but we know the entire election was fraud in every state from top to bottom

March 10, 2022

Their own state evidence will show a nationwide conspiracy.

They have communications from the democrat party including Stacy Abrams and her political action committee coordinating the steal in Arizona. They have the servers which will show foreign interference

March 10, 2022

I don’t think they get their WW3.

Russia will wrap up Ukraine in a few more weeks once he truly lays siege to Kiev

March 10, 2022

He doesn’t need proof he won. He only needed proof the total election, not just his election, was stolen with fraud and help from China and others.

He watched it in real time on election night.

It wasn’t a crime. It was an act of war. The rules have changed

March 10, 2022

The state legislature elections were fraud too. The entire election was stolen not just the presidency.

I believe Trump’s plan was always for him to be off the stage while the election is overturned and law and order is restored. I think it starts with AG Brnovich and then the Supreme Court tosses the entire election and military is green lighted to take full government control and make mass arrests for treason.

Just my opinion though

March 10, 2022

I don’t believe the Supreme Court play is done at all.

They are waiting for something from a state legislature not an AG who is part of the executive branch in my opinion.

March 10, 2022

I think it’s already been tried. State legislatures need to bring the suit. I believe Trump is trying to reestablish their plenary power over elections and show the normies how the constitution works

March 10, 2022

Anything is certainly possible but all the rallies look weak with low volume. The big boys have been selling into every rally to get out. I think they know what’s coming

March 10, 2022

I agree. The SC has yet to see the evidence and when they do and rule on it the game will be over.

The election will be declared illegitimate and the military will assume control.

It will unite the normies with us and wake them up to the corruption that they will soon be exposed to

March 10, 2022

Did you see Kamala in Poland today?


Her nervous tick is how she has to wave her hands around when she talks to try to emphasize the importance of her words because she knows nobody takes her seriously

March 10, 2022

Spit Ball

Bio labs

There’s a hard truth coming my friends.

I’m going to give you a take on something that maybe you won’t agree with and that’s okay.

I think Putin is a hero for humanity.

Here’s why I say that.

There is a global war going on between good and evil.

We have been fed propaganda for years that Putin is evil and Russia is the enemy of the world.

The same media pushing that propaganda has also told us our whole lives that we are the good guys.

The US government is the one force for good in the world. Protecting freedom and standing up against evil like Putin.

The moment the Russian military invaded Ukraine we were getting a full court press of propaganda from both sides of the media telling us how Putin was slaughtering innocent civilians and how Ukraine was winning the war.

Literally the whole world united against Putin and it immediately became fashionable to stand with Ukraine.

But in just a few short weeks that has all changed.

Suddenly the script has flipped and the enemy is desperately trying to get out ahead of it and spin it to keep the truth hidden.

Putin has exposed the hidden enemy. The hidden enemy that has controlled our very own government our whole lives.

Our own government was funding lots of bio weapons labs in Ukraine.

Our politicians including Obama were heavily involved.

 (Hat tip Cue Baca)

These labs were creating things much worse than Covid.

We face some tough questions my friends.

Why were we funding and working in these labs?

How many more labs around the world is our government running that we don’t know about yet?

Have these labs been testing their work on the populations near them?

Why aren’t we as a nation living up to global agreements to not produce these bio weapons?

Why are we patenting systems to spread these bio weapons amongst the population?

(Hat tip Kyle JustHuman)

Putin was painted as evil and the enemy but now he has exposed the real hidden enemy and their plans for the global population.

Covid was just the test run.

They are working on things much more lethal and the ability to target certain races and ethnicities using DNA.

Who is really evil?

The ones making these bio weapons and systems to use them or the guy who invaded the most corrupt country on the planet and has exposed these labs and their intentions to the world?

Our government is not “the good guys”.

It has been corrupted and is controlled by the cabal. They are the real evil in this world and I believe Putin has exposed forever their plan for depopulation of humanity in a huge way.

Putin has taken great care in reducing the number of civilian deaths and some are from the Ukrainian military which never gets the blame. Putin delayed the siege of Kiev to allow civilians to leave. The Ukrainian military doesn’t want civilians to leave. The same Ukrainian military that was slaughtering thousands of their own people before Putin invaded.

He ended that slaughter, will destroy these bio weapons labs (there’s one in Kiev)and will present the evidence that our government was behind these crimes against humanity. He will also remove the corrupt Ukrainian government.

I believe he’s working with Trump and is exposing it all and the day is coming when mass arrests happen in our country and these people behind this stuff need to face maximum justice.

We really don’t know how close we came to a serious plandemic that really would have killed many millions of people.

Putin is actually fighting for humanity and I’m grateful.

All just my opinion

March 10, 2022

I agree. I think if the true vote didn’t matter Trump and the military could already have exposed it and arrested everyone.

But he hasn’t.

It’s important for the future of elections that we go through this process of exposing the nationwide fraud and set precedent that the law is followed in every way to prevent this from ever happening again in any election no matter how small

March 10, 2022

We really do need mass arrests. This country needs to be cleansed and the rule of law made supreme again.