I always thought it was weird how Trump said ‘Chyyynnaa’

Could this be why? 🤔

There’s a TroieshCHYNA right in Kiev. 🤯

TroeishCHYNA is LITTERED with BIO Labs. Keep digging anons.

Also CHYNA translated to english means PRICE. 

CHYNA has to pay the PRICE 



ALSO, this…

Madison Cawthorn called Zelensky a thug and the Ukrainian government corrupt so Lindsey Graham wanted to make sure that everyone knows that Ukraine is good by citing a fake poll. 

Putin’s approval rating is .7% according to the guy who was war mongering in Ukraine with No Name. 🙃

I’ve got another statistic for everyone:

Putin’s approval rating with the deep state and George Soros is 0%.