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“The futures of Taiwan and the United States are intertwined, because our interests are very much aligned.

The Taiwanese people have been awake to the Chinese Communist Party’s threat from the beginning. The world drew inspiration from the Taiwanese people’s profound and realistic distrust of the CCP.”

“It’s completely nutty to think that we would allow the Russians to participate in negotiating a deal with the Iranians or that the U.S. would lift the terror designations on the Iranians, who are trying to kill people all across the world. 

But the Biden Admin is doing both.” 

Energy prices are skyrocketing, and Joe Biden is to blame. 

Never ones to let a crisis go to waste, Biden and the Democrats in Congress are going to try and expedite the Green New Deal as a solution to unreasonable energy prices.  

We cannot allow that to happen.

Biden is banning buying oil from one evil autocrat, only to buy it from two others.

He should immediately reverse his ban on new oil and gas leases and restart the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Taiwan the most vibrant democracy in all of Asia and is at the forefront of today’s fight between freedom and tyranny.

Sanctions on Russian energy must be broad and deep. @ frank_fannon has it right that good diplomacy and American energy can keep prices low even as max pressure is applied.  America has done it before. 


We should send a strong message to President Xi now by recognizing Taiwan as a free and sovereign country. 


The following was forwarded by Mike Pompeo:

Greg Gutfeld Explodes During Fox News Segment: ‘You Are an Idiot!’

READ: https://fearless.report/N1Dxwq

To the Chinese-speaking people, both on the mainland and in Taiwan: Your future is freedom. Let it ring.

The United States will always stand with you.

The dark future of a world under a communist dictatorship, empowered by economic strength and next-generation technologies, has become more and more realistic. That’s why the danger posed by the CCP is the central threat of our time.

Americans will pay the price economically for Biden’s diplomatic malpractice. 

Happy birthday to my future daughter-in-law! We are blessed to have you in our lives. 

Joe Biden’s energy policy emboldened Putin by leaving us dependent on Russian oil.

As much as he tries to deflect blame, Biden is responsible for the high prices at the pump.

Inflation rose 7.9% last month. Another clear indication that Biden’s policies are crushing the economy.


Joining the Nixon Foundation to discuss what’s going on in Ukraine. Watch live here → https://vimeo.com/event/1690981

Under the Biden Administration, arrests and deportations plummeted last year.

Their immigration policies only benefit human traffickers, drug cartels and smugglers.

Enjoyed visiting with Iowa farmers today at @ CRFarmsIA. Iowa farmers feed the world, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk with them today. 

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

Iran is the world’s largest state sponsor of terror.

It must remain designated as such, and terrorist-related sanctions must remain in place.

Iran must never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

This is what happens when you fail at the core mission-set of American security, which is to deter the bad guys from continued aggression. 

If Vladimir Putin does not pay a price for this kind of aggression, it will be bad for the world and a green light for others like him. 

When Joe Biden spoke about minor incursions being okay, he destroyed the deterrence model we built.

We need to re-establish deterrence.

Biden’s trying to revive the broken Iranian deal, offering to lift sanctions on the Ayatollah’s regime.

Anyone who thinks that this is a path to stability in the Middle East & good for America’s national security is a fool.

During my time as Secretary, there was no privilege more wonderful than being able to bring home Americans detained in foreign countries. It is incredible to see Greg Kelly finally returning home after being wrongfully detained for far too long.

Big thanks to Senators @ BillHagertyTN & @ VoteMarsha, for without their hard work, this joyous day would not have been possible! Welcome home, Greg!

The war in Ukraine has laid bare the spectrum of dangers inherent in the Biden Admin’s policies, which have stripped our nation of energy independence, compromised our international relations & reduced the combat strength of our armed forces.


Future U.S. security posture must thwart the march of dictatorships

The war in Ukraine has laid bare the spectrum of dangers inherent in the Biden administration’s defense, energy and foreign policies.


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