Why? To divert our attention from their crimes. They should hang for this alone.

“They are attempting to march us into war. They think we are stupid. They are so transparently fake it isn’t even funny. They bring him out, have him say whatever they think will justify our further involvement and then point to the speech as their reason”


NOW – Standing ovation for Zelensky in the US Congress. 

Pelosi: “Slava Ukraina!”


Like this horrific war monger. What about AMERICA?! Enough. 


— Tracy Beanz

Live: Ukraine’s president Zelensky addresses US Congress

kraine’s president Zelensky addresses US Congress and gives updates on the war with Russia. 

Watch more videos at Independent TV: https://www.independent.co.uk/tv/editors-picks

Zelensky invokes “I have a dream” while asking the US for a No Fly Zone and shows propaganda video.