It is a picture perfect day here on the beach so I’m eager to get outside and enjoy the blue skies, cooler temps (64°), low humidity and warm sunshine. Posting will be light today. But… I did promise I would tell you how my meeting went with my congressional rep Bill Posey (R-FL, CD8).

I went loaded with questions/topics, which his staff had called me about earlier in the week. Efficiently, they prepared an 8-page list of Bill’s efforts and accomplishments during his nearly 16 years in Congress, focusing mostly on recent issues. So that enabled Bill and I the time to have a leisurely conversation about his experiences with some of the “characters” in Congress. So much of what he shared with me was said in confidence, but I can assure you it was delicious dish!

What I can tell you though, is that I asked if Nancy Pelosi is on the bottle or on meds. Heh… Posey’s opinion is that she’s simply gotten old, stumbles around for the right words, and that too much botox will do that to your brain. The word “diabolical” was in there somewhere too.

I asked Bill for a candid assessment of what it was like working on Capitol Hill. “Andrea, it’s like going into work and getting flogged. Every day,” he deadpanned.

I don’t envy him or his family – who I’ve known for several decades – for the sacrifice they’ve made (and continue to make) on our behalf. He’s not “one of the crowd” on The Hill. And unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the horizon in Fl District 8 who’d be willing to take up the mantle, letting Bill and his wife Katie come home to Florida for good. Or who would garner the extraordinary support this man has earned at each election cycle.

I did learn something that might explain why Trump endorsed Posey in 2020 – they went mano-a-mano over an issue of great importance, and though it’s my impression that Trump was testing him, Posey met the challenge, proving to Trump that he’s is no pushover sycophant like many others that were in the room. Incidentally, Posey has recently received the endorsement of former SecState Mike Pompeo, who we both agreed would make a great president to follow Trump.

Rep. Posey has authored two books: “Activity Based Total Accountability – the Birth of Common Sense in Government Accountability” a slim 33-page paperback written in 2006 that illustrates the dangers of apathetic leadership, a living hell the results of which we are now experiencing. As America slept these last decades, those elected to represent us were have a hey-day at our expense.

Posey’s second book, a fiction titled “The Hanson Connection – The book they don’t want you to read” was written in 1997 for his (educator) daughter’s classroom. And wow, what a book!

I’m nearly 2/3 through its 137 pages and it is mind blowing in its prediction (prescience?) of what we are now learning regarding “Pharmaceutical marriage to science, brain chip technology, and the universe’s planetary life forms. It includes “fictional” elements of crime, fraud, subversives, military secrets, and more. It’s a page turner. Posey said that when he wrote it he was at home recuperating from a bout with flu, and once inspired, the narrative flowed non-stop for 72 hours.

“It was as though a pipeline of information was being fed into my brain” he said, “flowing through my fingertips onto my keyboard. I knew I was done when the pipeline flow stopped. Just stopped.”

Later, he showed the manuscript to local prize-winning author Patrick D. Smith (“A Land Remembered”) who provided some editing assistance and introduced Posey to a publisher. The book is dedicated to Smith, who passed away in 2006.

The HANSON Connection’s contents tells me that Bill Posey has a pretty good grasp on what the Q anons have discovered. “SOMETIMES FACT IS STRANGER THAN FICTION” is imprinted on the title page. No wonder. Though we didn’t get into particulars, Posey’s pretty “coached up,” as Steve Bannon would describe it, and we’re on the same page (sorry for the pun) when it comes to startling revelations that anons have been “rabbit-holing” for years.

As I’m reading The HANSON Connection, it’s apparent that Posey knows more than he’s at liberty to say publicly or could during our 30+ minute visit. If I had a chance to kick back and have a beer with him? Absolutely. I’m confident it would be a most interesting, stimulating, thought-provoking conversation.

Yesterday’s visit at his District Office was much too brief, but eye-opening and enjoyable with a friend who – ironically – never desired to go to Congress, and hated the thought of ever having to step into DC, his birthplace. But when his predecessor (Dr. Dave Weldon) wouldn’t and couldn’t take the flogging any longer, Posey, who was then serving in the Florida State Senate, was approached to represent Florida’s Space Coast in the House of Representatives, I remember well how he truly agonized over the decision. He was enjoying his work with the Florida legislature and was loathe to leave it. But finding no one else with Bill’s legislative experience and voter support, he eventually — and reluctantly– threw his hat in the ring and was elected with 53.1% of the vote. Along with his wife Katie, they moved into a tiny cramped apartment in DC. where they spend as little time as possible, preferring to return to the district where he meets and mingles with constituents who have consistently supported him with well over 60% of the vote ever since.

Posey is a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus* along with Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, Louie Gohmert and others. Another tough “outsider” job that goes with the territory.

(Thank you Bill for all the floggings you’ve taken and continue to take day after day on our behalf. )

The caucus was formed in January 2015 by a group of conservatives and Tea Party movement members[6][7] with the aim of pushing the Republican leadership to the right.[2] Its first chairman, Jim Jordan, described the caucus as a “smaller, more cohesive, more agile and more active” group of conservative representatives.[8] Jordan was succeeded as chairman by Mark Meadows in January 2017,[9] who was then succeeded by Andy Biggs in October 2019.[10][11]

The Freedom Caucus is positioned on the right wing of the political spectrum,[12] with certain members holding right-wing populist beliefs[13] such as opposition to illegal immigration.[14] Its members hold socially and fiscally conservative views,[15][16][17] and most are supportive of Donald Trump.[18] It is also considered to include libertarians.[19][20] The caucus supports House candidates through its PAC, the House Freedom Fund.[21][22]