If you didn’t think Trump had successfully dismantled the CIA’s international operations and crippled the NWO’s ability to directly threaten the stabilty of the world, maybe this will convince you.

The globalists, NATO, and the entire European Union are being forced to sit on the sidelines and watch with their hands tied behind their backs as Russia marches in unopposed and completely dismantles their money laundering, trafficking, and terrorism base of operations in Ukraine. 

Look at how impotent the globalists have become. A paper tiger who can’t make a move or take a leak without say so. After just 4 years of Trump, the New World Order’s real power (their abilty to wage kinetic war) has become nothing but smoke and mirrors; a few shards of rusty iron encased in a husk of dry and crumbling clay.

All they can do now is talk tough and shake their little fists with their pathetic little “sanctions” based on their imaginary fiat money and their imaginary usury debt.

The cracks are showing, and it’s glorious.