EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden helped secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president Joe Biden.

Email and correspondence obtained by DailyMail.com from Hunter’s abandoned laptop show he helped secure millions for Metabiota.

Anons knew the Biden family is directly involved in funding dangerous biological research on deadly pathogens in Ukraine. As suspected, all of those details are on Hunter’s laptop. The hookers and crack cocaine are merely the tip of the iceberg. The MSM would rather you see that than see what they are ACTUALLY worried about. The real juice on the laptop are the EMAILS proving that the sitting US President is using his son as a proxy to fund bioweapons research in Ukraine. It is the same deep state network involved in creating Covid19. 

The reason the Hunter Biden laptop is back in the news cycle is because its contents are a key component in the war in Ukraine. And today the contents were submitted as evidence into the congressional record by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) during a congressional hearing. 

Russia claims it moved into Ukraine to destroy these labs, because the US was molecularly altering deadly pathogens to target Russian citizens in Russia.  Putin is directly accusing Biden of planning biological genocide on his people. 

People have been asking how we can prove all this. There would need to be a paper trail. 

Well here it is. The Metabiota and Rosemont Seneca emails show direct evidence that for years prominent Democrat politicians have been and are using DoD funding (our tax dollars) for biolabs in Ukraine.  Russia went to war over this to clean out the labs and go after the guilty. The Ukrainian people are hostages –  the innocents in this, while the neo-nazi Azov Battalian army under installed puppet Ukrainian president Zelensky, us the people as human shields, torturing and killing those who resist and are Russian Ukrainians.

The details are slowly being dripped out in digestible chunks for the “normies,” those who still get fed “news” from traditional sources to fully grasp the truth, severity and gravity of the situation. 

Russia could easily have presented all of this in their first meeting before the UN Security Council.  But it was never about convincing the corrupt countries at the UN, instead convincing THE PEOPLE in the court of public opinion of what is going on. 

The story is being told with details strategically disseminated so that the corrupt fake media can’t cover it up, while simultaneously outing corrupt criminals who are desperate to keep this covered up. The $16b that Biden and Congress of our money they voted to give to Ukraine to “protect its border” is in actuality, protecting their labs and covering up their criminal acts in the cesspool they’ve created in Ukraine, a labyrinth of human trafficking crimes, money laundering, and bioweapon production. 

We were told “there are no bio labs in Ukraine” to now,  “the US President is using his son as a proxy to funnel US DoD funds to create bioweapons to target Russian citizens.”

This reality cannot be denied. All that now remains is for the US media/gov to deny and convince you that Putin is making a play to grab  Ukraine, and try to keep “the war” going to deflect attention away from their crimes. 

Do not allow them this comfort. Do not let them continue to take part in this farce. Do not allow the normies to ignore this. The reality is that Biden and many in the US establishment were planning genocide via molecularly altered pathogens and making billion$ from it. Now they’re going to great lengths to cover it up. 

The history books will not be kind to this evil. Justice is the only way forward.