By Clandestine

Trump implying that the Biden corruption in Ukraine which led to Russian invasion, is connected to China supposedly moving into Taiwan soon. On the surface level, this may not seem significant, but it’s absolutely COLOSSAL.

What is the reason Russia claims they waged war in Ukraine? To neutralize US biological capabilities near their border. They brought forth allegations to the UN Security Council.

What did the Biden laptop have evidence of? The Biden family using Hunter as proxy for biological dealings in Ukraine. Using Rosemont Seneca, in congruence with Open Society (George Soros), to funnel US DoD funds to their own pentagon contracted biolabs in Ukraine (Metabiota etc.). Russian presented all of this evidence before the UN.

Let me say that in layman’s terms. The US President is using his son as a proxy, to take US taxpayer money, to funnel into biological laboratories that they own, operating these labs in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, and Russia went to war over allegations that biological weapons were being produced at these labs… and we have proof of this via emails between Rosemont Seneca and Metabiota on Hunter’s Laptop. Which also features him smoking crack and having threeways with C+ prostitutes and Pokémon blowup dolls… YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP!

Now, Trump is implying all of this, has a direct correlation with China moving into Taiwan. What similarities does Taiwan have with Ukraine? Heavy US funded biological activity.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has been publicly calling out the US to disclose all information pertaining to their biolabs in Ukraine.

-The U.S. bio-military activities in Ukraine are only “the tip of the iceberg,” Zhao said. Under various names, the U.S. Department of Defense controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries.

-“We once again urge the U.S. side to fully clarify its biological military activities both at home and abroad, and accept multilateral verifications,” Zhao said.

Remember the timeline:

-C19 escaped/released from US DoD funded lab in Wuhan, China

-Russia and China accuse US of creating biological weapons

-US denies claims

-Russia invades Ukraine and takes out US biolabs and provides evidence of biological malfeasance

-US denies claims again

-China agrees with Russia again and is soon to move into Taiwan

Notice a pattern here? China is moving into Taiwan to take out US biolab activity. There are 13, BSL4 labs in Asia. There’s one in China, it’s Wuhan, origin of C19. There’s also one in Taiwan. The Institute of Preventative Medical Research in Taoyuan City. 

And for those that want to say there’s no US influence, every building on the campus has the name written in English beneath the Mandarin… the US has insane influence in Taiwan to include their highest level biolab housing the deadliest pathogens known to man. See below.

Trump has known all of this is all going down and doesn’t seem to be too worried about it. Despite the other 2 nuclear superpowers accusing us of creating bioweapons and waging war to take out our bioweapon capabilities near their countries. Directly backlash from C19. Proving that covid was man-made by actors within the US government. The event that ruined the world economy, ruined human social interaction, deleted the middle class, made the rich richer, changed the voting process before the election, and allowed the global implementation of communism under the guise of public health: all of that was calculated, via creating and releasing a biological weapon. [They] committed genocide for global control. 

You add all of this on top of the psychological attacks via mass censorship, Orwellian brainwashing and media gaslighting campaigns; it’s arguably the greatest crime against humanity in world history. 

If there is to be a “precipice”, this is it.