by Clandestine

Ah yes. It was only a matter of time before the mainstream conservatives came around.

Seems only yesterday, Hannity was screeching that there were no US funded biolabs in Ukraine. Claimed the people suggesting this theory (me) were part of a Russian disinformation campaign. This was all a conspiracy theory.

Everyone will eventually bend the knee to the truth. And now this Daniel Horowitz character acting like he is the one who discovered Hunter Biden connections to these labs via Metabiota and Rosemont Seneca 😂😂😂 like Anons haven’t been talking about that for months.

Myself and many others in this community have been all over this long before the mainstream and now they are ever so eager to act like they were behind this story all along.

No matter. The message is being spread, the mission has been successful thus far, and more normies awake every day. I just find it funny that the biggest names in news are looking to anonymous users on social media to tell them what’s going on.

Who has more influence? A handful of US citizens on their phones? Or a 2.6 TRILLION dollar industry?

You know the answer. We are the news now.