From Just Human at Telegram:

Some folks have asked me for my thoughts on Kash Patel’s series of Accountability Truths going after some of my favorite people from Trump’s First Administration. Here they are:

1- Kash is throwing up chaff and flare to frame (narrative wise) the people he is calling out, to protect Durham, to protect Weiss, and to protect Trump. Kash is putting out countermeasures and creating distance between these people and everyone else while also seeding narratives. 

2- Kash knows who Truth Social’s core members are right now: anons. He is giving us the countermeasures we need for when the Deep State and their Media start crying about Barr, Durham, Weiss and others. 

Dems, RINOs and MSM are going be coming after Rosenstein, Barr, Wray and everyone else who made the Durham and Weiss investigations happen VERY hard in the VERY near future. These countermeasures will be needed. 

They will also be going after AG Garland, I expect. That should be fun.   : )