Brian Cates:

Any evidence or documents the DOJ or Rod Rosenstein shared with the guy on the left was required BY LAW to be also shared with the guy on the right. Who can INSTANTLY SURMISE why DOJ RussiaGate leak hunt and other evidence could not be shared with Adam Schiff?

If the DOJ and Rosenstein got caught sharing information under the table with Devin and Kash and other GOP while hiding it from Schiff, Swalwell , Pelosi and Democrats you’d have a MAJOR F**KING SCANDAL ON YOUR HANDS. See why I said you’d instantly see why I was right?

I knew Durham was on the job already 2 years before I learned what his name was when the Baker congressional testimony transcript leaked in January of 2019. I knew but I couldn’t PROVE IT until DNI John Ratcliffe unredacted Durham’s name in the already released Strzok/Page text messages from April and May of 2017.

Surprise, they don’t announce it when they start highly politically sensitive federal criminal investigations into leaks of classified information and the targets include members of Congress – including members of the Gang of 8.”

Suspected Congressional Leakers Were Secretly Being Investigated by the DOJ All Along

Commentary Two prominent Democrat politicians who sit on the House Intelligence Committee have alerted the news media that …

They didn’t get around to revealing that a federal grand jury was all up in the electronic comms of multiple high ranking members of Congress from early 2018 all the way thru May 2021 when they didn’t renew the surveillance warrant or the federal judge’s gag order for the fourth time.

People confidently asserting Garland will give the J6 Committee the indictments it wants do not understand executive privilege, where it was created, and what the DOJ would have to do to vitiate it. Ignorance abounds. They also can’t explain why Garland hasn’t fired Durham yet or shut him down, even though it’s clear where he’s headed.

Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino WERE executive branch employees. Therefore, an invocation of executive privilege is legal and will withstand any legal challenges.

Project Veritas got raided by a faction within the DOJ over the Ashley Biden diary.  But citizen journalists have had the far more incriminating Biden Crime family  laptop in their hands with all that evidence on it for over a year…and for some arcane and sorcerous reason, none of them have been raided by the FBI.  Nothing you’re being told adds up.  Remember that.

Reporter Judith Miller released from prison

On September 29, 2005, New York Times reporter Judith Miller is released from a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia, after agreeing to testify in

I understand how things actually work. 

I have full cognizance of what would happen if I took sealed evidence in a federal criminal case with massive national security issues up the wazoo and I revealed this evidence in a public forum.  

I would be arrested by the feds, they would grill me about where I got the evidence from, and journalistic ethics would demand I not give up the source.  

So I’d sit in jail.  

Judith Miller ended up in  this situation back during the Valerie Plame scandal.  She sat in Jail from July to September of 2005 because she would not give up a source.  

Currently, Julian Assange has been the center of a very controversial extradition case because he refuses to give up the source of the DNC emails.  

See, I know things.  I remember things.  

So when somebody makes an offer to me and I get them to come right out and admit to me they’re looking for a patsy to assume all the legal liability for them in making unauthorized disclosures of evidence in a federal national security case, I’m going to instantly realize two things: 

1) this person thinks I’m not very bright and

2) there’s a reason they won’t do this themselves, but they’ll publicly admit what it is.  

So the same merry crew keeps rehashing different drops of previously released laptop contents.  

That’s not a bad idea, if it’s timely and keeps attention focused on real issues, such as Maxey going back through previous email drops and picking out the ones related solely to Metabiota and putting them out there in one drop. 

A lot of this circus will end when the feds drop the first couple of indictments in the Biden Crime Family case.  

I hope that’s soon, because I’ve gotten tired of keeping up with all this stupid drama.