🚌 A significant part of the population forcibly detained by nationalists in Ukrainian cities continues to seek any opportunity to evacuate to Russian territory. 

▫️A daily flow of people is expected at the checkpoints on the border with Russia, but the Ukrainian side does not allow civilians in.

▫️In turn, dozens of people in cars are waiting for their relatives through the Logachevka checkpoint on the Russian side of the border. Many have friends and relatives in different regions of Russia who are ready to receive them.

▫️All civilians who want to move to Russia continue to receive their documents on a daily basis without delay.

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🚛Russian servicemen have delivered 30 tonnes of humanitarian aid to residents of settlements in Kharkov Region.

▫️The Russian Armed Forces delivered basic necessities, food packages, baby food and vital medicines to Velikii Burluk and Olkhovatka.

▫️The humanitarian aid was distributed primarily to families with young children and the elderly.

▫️Food kits and medicines were distributed in the centre of the settlements to all those in need.

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