Well, here’s an interesting perspective…

From Jytte at Telegram:

I asked a lot of questions in this SB (Spitballers) – and now I found the answers in Just Humans video from Thursday. So here I am answering my own questions 😂 

The answers I found are: Not only are Barr, Comey, Mueller, Giuliani and Rosenstein still fighting corruption together as they have from the 80’s – in cooperation with Trump. 

But I also learned: that Wray goes way back with these men! What a relief. 

Which means, that my guesses might be right: That Comey being in Trumps lawsuit might be Kaefabe AND he will then be able to reveal, on the stand, how much abuse of power were going on in FBI at the time.

As Kyle / Just Human says: It no coincidence, that all these men ended up in Trump’s administration fighting corruption.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. That is completely nuts.. these people hate Trump… good grief , that isn’t anywhere close to believable— foolish, even.

  2. Very interesting perspective. I’d like to see what evidence he has that Trump worked with all these men in the 80’s to take down the mob-now that I believe!

  3. I’m getting the impression there are some folks who haven’t read ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu.

    I makes perfect sense for Barr, Wray and the others to appear to be Trumps’ enemies. They did such a good acting job convincing the deep state actors of that those actors dropped their guard.

    One example of deception: For a couple of years Trump has periodically made public statements such as, “Where the hell is Durham? Does he really exist?” All the while Durham had been building cases and piling up indictments. That was to throw the enemy off guard. No one really bothered to look for him and he was able to make some serious progress.

    Seriously, that book is available on Amazon at reasonable prices with many options.

    That book, by the way, is used at the War College and many military leadership courses. For good reason.

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