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When I was growing up, my household had 3 vehicles. This was before I, the eldest of three, was even close to driving. My father drove his Chevy Blazer, my mother drove her minivan, and the third car was an ancient, rickety Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme with no power steering. While the Oldsmobile would eventually become my first car, that’s not why my parents purchased it. They had that beater for one reason, and one reason only. 

It was the back-up plan.

If the blazer or minivan were to have issues or breakdown, they still had to get to work and drive us kids all over town. The Oldsmobile was the “continuity of transportation” plan that would keep the essential day to day operations of the “Patriot” household going if we lost one of the other two vehicles.

Our own government has similar back-up plans, though they are far more complex. The umbrella term for these back-up plans is “continuity of government (COG).” If an emergency occurs that disrupts the normal operations of our government, these COG plans are ready to make sure the essential functions of our government continue to be carried out. 

For example: An enemy government nukes Washington D.C. What would our country do? Without a back-up plan, things would quickly turn to chaos.

The Devolution Series is based on the idea that Donald Trump implemented some form of COG plan in the face of a different kind of emergency – a stolen election. 

Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution requires the President to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” As Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, the President is charged with the responsibility of protecting and defending the United States. 

The first fact you need to understand is that Donald John Trump would have been derelict in his duty as President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the military to allow the election to be stolen and Joe Biden installed as President. 

Throughout the Devolution Series I have linked and sourced every claim with facts and do my best to go into painstaking detail. On the rare occasion that I speculate, I tell you that’s what I’m doing and only do so based on the facts available at the time. The devolution series is constantly evolving, and new data points are emerging every day. 

Here you can find a list of contradictions, anomalies, and general oddities of the Joe Biden administration. This list is meant to serve as further supporting evidence to the Devolution Series that something strange is going on. 

This article is an introduction and overview to the entire concept of the devolution theory. I won’t be going into the specific details like I do throughout the rest of the series, but you should walk away from this article with an understanding that devolution is real, and that it is not only possible, but likely, that Trump put a COG plan in motion before walking away from office. 

I am not guaranteeing anything. This is a theory based on countless hours of research, but it’s still just a theory… for now. 

Welcome to Devolution.

Wartime President

The Enemy

In order to understand why Trump may have implemented something like devolution, you need to know who he was up against. Trump was fighting against a global “criminal enterprise” that he labeled the “political establishment”. He called them out directly in one of his final campaign speeches from October of 2016: 

Trump won in 2016 anyway and the political establishment spent the next 4 years attempting to delegitimize and remove him from office, culminating with them stealing the 2020 election. There was an article released on Feb 4th, 2021, that described in detial the lengths in which the political establishment went to in “fortifying” the election win for Joe Biden:

Trump knew exactly who he was up against and exactly what they were going to do. He couldn’t just sit idly by and let them get away with it.

The Authority

The entire basis for the devolution theory is that Trump is a wartime president. This premise is important because wartime Presidents assume wartime powers. I know that sounds weird because there was never a public and official declaration that we were at war. In certain times, that is not necessary.

There is a D.C. Circuit case (Campbell v. Clinton) setting precedent for what measures a President can take to “repel foreign aggression”:

“War may exist without a declaration on either side.” If the “actions of another country” were interpreted by Trump as acts of war, then he was “bound to accept the challenge” and the courts “would not dispute” him on “measures necessary to repel foreign aggression.” This language provides Trump plenty of leeway to respond to situations that threaten the United States and allows him to use his authority as a wartime President to do what is needed to save the country. 

In terms of the devolution theory, there two primary things we can look at as “foreign aggression” that could be interpreted as “declarations of war” to give Trump these wartime powers.

  • Covid-19
  • The theft of the 2020 election
    • Using Covid
    • Using Cyber

Covid was an Attack

Devolution – 15 covers all things related to Covid. It’s almost a certainty at this point that there was something nefarious going on at the WIV but all that matters is what Trump knew based on the intelligence he was receiving and how he interpreted it. Here is what Trump said about Covid-19 himself:

Those are some strong words for a President to use and they can’t be taken lightly. Both the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pearl Harbor resulted in the United States entering into war. It’s easy to draw the conclusion that by saying Covid-19 was an attack “worse than Pearl Harbor”, that he considered Covid-19 to be an act of war, making Trump the wartime President he told us he was:

Mail-in Fraud

Trump designated Covid-19 as an act of war, and then he told us that the enemy would use it to steal the 2020 election. 

From BBC:

From The Hill:

These are just the first actions we can look to in order to conclude that Trump was a wartime president. The next set of actions are even more important and more conclusive.

Election Infrastructure 

On January 6th, 2017, Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson released a statement designating “Election Infrastructure” as part of our nation’s “critical infrastructure.” This meant that an attack on our election infrastructure would now be considered an act of war:

I cover the cyber aspect of the 2020 election in Devolution Addendum 4 when I discuss Trump’s “Draft Executive Order” dated December 16th, 2020. While he didn’t sign and issue this executive order (because I believe he implemented a COG plan instead), it provides us with insight into his mindset and the options he was considering as he was supposedly leaving office. Here is the main body of that draft order:

This order tells us that not only was there a cyber aspect to the election theft, but there was also foreign involvement. Remember why foreign involvement is so crucial? If Trump saw the actions of a foreign country as acts of war, then he could take any measure necessary to repel foreign aggression. 

A common question I receive is “why didn’t Trump do anything if he had everything he needed to prevent Biden from taking office?” You have to look at this from his point of view. What would have happened?

With tensions as high as they were, it would have resulted in civil war. Think of the antifa and BLM protests from the summer of 2020, but a hundred times worse. In Devolution – Part 12 I discuss the Transition Integrity Project which openly promised violence in the streets if Biden wasn’t inaugurated. 

Trump was up against the media, big tech, social media, many of the biggest corporations, the wealthiest individuals from all over the world, and most of the politicians on both sides of the aisle. Trump had only two things working for him, and it’s all he really needed:

  • The will of the American people as the legal winner of the 2020 election
  • The powers as President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of its armed forces

With those two things in hand, and facing foreign and domestic enemies who stole an election, Trump went to work.

Implementing Devolution

Shakeup at the DoD

In order to pull something off like devolution, you need to have the right people in the right place at the right time. 

On November 7th, 2020, the Associated Press declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election. Two days later, Donald Trump began making unprecedented moves at the DoD. These moves are broken down in detail in Devolution – Part 3. I’m going to lay out the moves and then explain the significance of them at the end of this section.

Christopher C. Miller

On November 9th, 2020, Christopher C. Miller was promoted to Acting Secretary of Defense. As discussed in Part 3 and Devolution – Part 10, Miller has an extensive special operations and irregular warfare background. Here are a few of the many things he specialized in:

  • Unconventional Warfare
  • Counterinsurgency
  • Foreign Internal Defense

Foreign Internal Defense: Activities that are “designed to protect against subversion, lawlessness, insurgency, terrorism, and other threats to their internal security, and stability, and legitimacy.”

Christopher Miller is arguably the best “special operations mind” our country has to offer and exactly who you would need to help implement a continuity of government plan designed to save our country. 

On December 18, 2020, after only being in office for 1 month and 9 days, Christopher Miller made an extremely interesting comment to Mike Pence, leaving many curious what he was referring to when he mentioned “the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted.”

Anthony Tata

On November 10th, Anthony Tata was promoted to Senior Official Performing the duties of the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (USD(P)). The USD(P) happens to be the primary coordinator for Department of Defense Directive 3020.26 which “establishes DoD continuity policy and assigns responsibilities for its implementation.” 

In other words, one of the very first positions filled after Chris Miller became Acting Secretary of Defense, was the position that “Develops DoD policy and provides oversight for Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government”.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick

On November 11th, 2020, while already serving as the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (ASD (SO/LIC)), Ezra Cohen-Watnick was promoted to fill the role of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (UDI).

This means the same individual (Ezra Cohen-Watnick) was serving simultaneously as the top Pentagon civilian overseeing intelligence and special operations. 

On November 18th 2020, Sec Def Miller signed this memorandumdesignating the ASD (SO/LIC) (Ezra Cohen-Watnick) as a “principal staff assistant” which would report directly to The Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of Defense meaning Ezra Cohen Watnick would now be reporting directly to Sec Def Miller instead of having to go through the bureaucracy.

Watnick was also appointed by Trump to chair the Public Interest Declassification Board in December of 2020, a position that would prove useful if you wanted to timely release previously classified information to the public. Watnick appears to be playing a major role considering the positions he was holding in the last months of Trump’s presidency.

Kash Patel

On November 11th, 2020, Kash Patel was promoted to Chief of Staff for Acting SecDef Miller. He had previously played a major role in uncovering the corruption of the Democrat party during both Spygate and the Ukraine Scandal. He is a lawyer who was a legal liaison to the Joint Special Operations Command. It was even rumored he was being considered to lead the CIA to replace Gina Haspel. As Chief of Staff for Sec Def Miller, Patel would have been intimately involved with the operations planning. He was also designated to lead the DoD’s coordination with Biden’s transition team. 

There was an article published in late December of 2020 – ‘Really quite shocking’: Inside the ugly transition at the Pentagon – POLITICO:

As the individual in charge of the transition from Trump’s DoD, Kash Patel would have been playing a role in refusing to provide information to the Biden administration about current operations in the special operations realm. 

What were they hiding?

What Does This Mean?

It appears Trump and his team were setting up special operations, and that it seems as if it was some sort of COG plan.

  • One of the best special operations minds in our country was given command of the entire military as the Secretary of Defense
  • The individual in charge of our nation’s special operations was made to report directly to the Secretary of Defense and was also placed in charge of our military’s intelligence
  • A Trump loyalist was placed in the role for the DoD that handles all COG planning and oversight
  • The Trump administration and the DoD refused to provide information about what was taking place in the “special operations” realm

There is much more information pertaining to these moves and the military’s chain of command that come into play here. You can read more about those moves in Devolution – Part 3 and Devolution – Part 9

Remember the timing of everything I just laid out. It came right after Joe Biden was declared the winner of a stolen election. A stolen election we already know Trump saw coming.

What happened next provides us with some of the most compelling evidence we have that Trump may have implemented a COG plan.

Continuity of Government

A Brief History

Continuity of operations (COOP) planning dates back to the Cold War as an effort to preserve the continuity of government (COG) in the event of a nuclear attack. Executive order 12656 laid the ground work and defined what a constitutes as a national security emergency.

“Agencies were ordered to have not just a line of succession but also one of ‘devolution,’ a duplicate chain of individuals secreted outside Washington available in a catastrophic emergency.”

Here is the actual definition of devolution from Army PAM 500-30: U.S. Army Continuity of Operations Program and Planning Procedures:

Remember, continuity of government is all about making sure the MEFs – minimum essential functions – of our government continue to be carried out during an emergency. 

The Devolution Executive Order

On December 7th, 2020, Donald Trump, the supposedly outgoing President, signed Executive Order 13961: Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience (FMR EO). This Executive Order was released simultaneously with the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy 2020 (Strategy). 

I break down the FMR EO and Strategy in detail in Devolution – Part 13. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Donald Trump issued the FMR EO using his Presidential powers in the context of War & National Defense.
  • The FMR EO explains that it is the policy of the United States to perform the National Essential Functions (NEF) in times of emergency.
  • The FMR EO explains the switch from a reactive posture to a proactive posture in continuity planning, as if they knew something was coming.
  • The FMR EO established an Executive Committee to “implement and execute” a continuity plan.
  • The FMR EO detailed the roles of the Executive Committee and established that the Executive Committee should establish subordinate bodies and working groups to implement the continuity plan.
  • The FMR EO detailed the back channel to the President: Mark Meadows.
  • The FMR EO showed us who the new National Continuity Coordinator (NCC) is: National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien (or his or her designee).
  • The FMR EO outlined the delegation of legal authority to use secure communications during a continuity event if the President had proclaimed there existed a state of war.
  • The FMR EO consolidated responsibilities for secure communications away from every agency and into the FMR Executive Committee. This was another example of Trump bypassing the bureaucracy.
  • The Strategy document outlines the context, planning model, and steps necessary to implement the COG plan. It includes:
    • Re-prioritization of essential functions.
    • Increasing possible groups or individuals available to perform those re-prioritized essential functions.

Read Devolution – Part 13 and you will see why the FMR EO and the Strategy were Trump putting a continuity of government plan into action. This plan created an Executive Committee of senior level officials and subordinate working groups that would be proactively ready to take on the authority and responsibility of performing the re-prioritized essential functions required to preserve our American way of life.

An outgoing President wouldn’t issue an Executive Order like this unless he was going to use it. It suggests that Trump was preparing to leave office in a continuity of government situation based on his authority as a wartime President.

National Security Presidential Memoranda

We received further evidence of Trump leaving office on a wartime footing on January 13, 2021 when Trump began the issuance of multiple  National Security Presidential Memorandums (NSPMs)

If you count how many days Trump was in office for up to January 12th, 2021, you would reach a total of 1,452 days. As of January 12th, 2021, Trump had issued 27 NSPMs for an average of 1 NSPM every 53.7 days.

He issued NSPM 28 on January 13th, 2021, and we are shown that there are a total of 35 NSPMs. This mean over his final 8 days in office, Donald Trump issued 8 NSPMs for an average of 1 per day. Trump was clearly leaving office with a focus on national security matters, further pointing to the idea that we are at war.


How could Trump have implemented something as complex as devolution with hardly anybody knowing? 

Presidents have many tools available to them for those “break glass in case of emergency” situations. One of those tools is Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs). PEADs are clas­si­fied top secret and are designed “to implement extraordinary presidential authority in response to extraordinary situations.” No PEAD has ever been declas­si­fied. No PEAD has ever leaked. They are not even subject to congres­sional over­sight. 

A PEAD is similar to a last will and testament. When you go and set up your will, you outline how you want things handled in the event of your death. Your will is a prepared document that doesn’t go into effect until you die. 

A PEAD is a prepared document, outlining what should happen in the case of a specific scenario or emergency. Like a last will and testament, a PEAD won’t go into effect unless/until the specific situation they are designed for occurs. As of 2018, there were 56 PEADs.

There is a great article from the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reformwith some great information discussing continuity of government (COG) and how PEADs play a role within COG planning:

I believe Trump implemented the fine details of his devolution plan through the use of PEADs. While PEADs would make it difficult for us to learn the details of the devolution operation – it would also make it difficult for our enemies.

Further supporting evidence showing Trump used the PEADs comes from the attempts by democrats in congress to get access to them. They did so 4 times in 2020 and once in 2021. Here are their attempts from 2020:

One also has to wonder if this is what the January 6th committee is after. 

Joe Biden the Resident

I’ve laid out the bulk of the devolution theory to give you an idea of the moves Trump made and how COG works. The next question to address is “what does this mean for Joe Biden?”

Even though I believe Donald Trump implemented devolution, he technically isn’t President. He devolved his authority. Just based on the definition, his authority was essentially spread out amongst multiple individuals and organizations tasked with maintaining the National Essential Functions (NEF). 

Joe Biden isn’t technically the President either. He is virtually (and sometimes literally) just pretending. Whether the enemy knows Trump implemented devolution or not is irrelevant to me. They can’t stop it because it falls completely within Trump’s wartime powers. 

The idea that Joe Biden is a fraudulent President means all of his actions are null and void. “Fraud vitiates everything”. There will be some real damage done, and there will be suffering along the way, but in the end, nearly everything will be reversed, and we will come out stronger on the other side.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

One of the reasons people doubt devolution is because the key players involved deny it’s happening. The thing you need to understand is, that is expected. There are multiple publications within the military doctrine series put out by the Joint Chiefs of Staff discussing military deception (MILDEC) and operational security (OPSEC).

It’s important to understand that in any operation, especially one of this gravity, there will be no leaks or disclosure from anybody involved. In fact, they will likely do everything they can to persuade the world that nothing is happening at all. 

The Endgame

What’s Next?

Here are the four phases of a continuity operation:

It’s hard to know the exact timeline of when Trump officially made his moves but the above figure from AR-PAM 500-30 should give you a good idea the overall concept of devolution.

We are currently in Phase 3 and we don’t move on to Phase 4 until “immediately after an event concludes”. Nobody knows what that conclusion will look like.

This is the description of Reconstitution:

The key phrase from above is “resume normal operations” and this phrase is one of the reasons I think Trump’s return is part of the devolution plan. The “normal operations” before devolution was initiated had Trump as the President of the United States. Therefore, returning to “normal operations” would mean we would be returning to operations that had Trump as President of the United States.

The reasoning above is based on language and definitions found on continuity of government and continuity of operations. There are other reasons to believe Trump will return, which I outline throughout my Devolution Series

What’s The Hold-Up?

The Devolution operation to save our country has always had two parts. First, there is the part that Trump and the military have already taken care of. This is the part I piece together in my articles. They have captured the election theft evidence and are ready to make their move. They are waiting for the second part.

That second part is We the People.

Trump told us in his final campaign ad from 2016 that “The only force strong enough to save our country is us” and I don’t think we understood quite how literally he meant it. What Trump is trying to accomplish is the rebirth of America, free of the political establishment that has raped and robbed our country for decades. Trump is engineering a unification of the two factions of Americans (the right and the left) into a single populace intent on taking their government back from the politicians who betrayed us all for personal gain. 

He couldn’t do that with a country so divided, as it was in the lead-up to Joe Biden’s inauguration. Any attempt by Trump to publicly interfere in what the corrupt political establishment told us was “democracy”, would have resulted in civil war, Trump being labeled as having perpetrated a coup, and his entire second term obstructed on a scale worse than his first term. 

Trump had no other choice but to walk away and put the political establishment front-and-center. He warned us repeatedly what would happen, but some people have to see it for themselves. Exposure has been the Cabal’s downfall and they are collapsing at free-fall speed.

America is being awakened millions of people at a time. The political establishment is doing a better job at red-pilling us than Trump ever could.

This is where The People come in to play. Every citizen should look at the body of evidence for devolution, and it should motivate them to join Trump’s fight and do their part. 

We all have a role in this plan to save the country. 

For some, it might be getting involved in local government. For others, it might be doing everything they can to help wake up those around them. We need to demand accountability from our “elected” officials. We need to build an America First coalition hellbent on the biggest red wave in history in 2022. We also can’t let them get away with what happened in the 2020 election. We need to stand up to save this country.

Trump implementing devolution means nothing without We the People.


Patel Patriot